At AFA ID 2013, the team from Ani-Culture  had the chance to be able to join in the interview session with BABYMETAL.

Below is a group interview done by Ani-Culture together with the other media representatives.

Su-Metal, MoaMetal, YuiMetal

Su-Metal, MoaMetal, YuiMetal

This is Baby Metal’s first time performing in Indonesia. Why did you to accept the invitation to perform in Indonesia?

Well, we are fans of JKT48. Therefore, we have always dreamt of watching them perform live. There isn’t a better chance than this. After performing in last year Singapore’s AFA, we were thrilled and happy to be invited back to perform for AFA in Indonesia this year.

Your performance costumes are mainly of the colours red and black. Is there any reasons or meanings behind this?

The colour combination reminds us of the fox-spirit deities in Japanese folklores.  We also think it is cute and would fit us.

What are your impressions of the Indonesian fans?

I think they are a very warm welcoming bunch of people, and we felt very happy and thankful that we were able to communicate with them in the Japanese language even though we are out of Japan. We are especially happy when we saw our fans at the fan-meet just now wearing their fan-made T-shirts to show their support for us.


Vocaloid producer and DJ Yuyoyupe worked on one of Baby Metal’s songs “Megitsune”. Did you get a chance to meet him and what was it like working with him?

Yuyoyupe-san was always present at our live, and he was also present during our recording of “Megitsune”. We think he is a very warm and caring person. He specifically familiarized himself with our music for the purpose of the collaboration and gave us detailed advice and opinions on how we can improve our music. We are really thankful to have been given a chance to work with him.

After watching your performance last year in AFA Singapore, it was impressive. How do you feel about your fans outside Japan?

Last year, during our performance in Singapore at AFA’12, we saw the audience waving pen-lights in rhythm along with our music’s tempo. The scene was really beautiful, it was like looking upon a sea of stars. In Japan, we have never experienced this, but rather, our fans form mosh-pits instead.

In Japan, during the performance of one of our songs, “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” (“イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ”), our fans actually join in. They moshed and danced along with us. However, when we performed the same song outside of Japan, we were pleasantly surprised that the audience, many of whom we were told were first-timers to our music, were doing the same thing. This made us really happy and touched.

That’s all we have for BABYMETAL, stay tune for more interview post on other artist at AFA ID 2013.

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