On first glance for any non suspecting members of public, much more for those with ZERO Japanese language abilities; Yuri Danshi appears to be no more than another non-gravure photobook. Further more the models are not what I would describe as flawless beauties like Tao Okamoto or Rino Sashihara, well not all 9 of them.

The photo book is organised in a few themes featuring the 9 models, with settings in classroom, hotel room, gothic parties, the streets of Akihabara and living rooms. Each themes would feature either the normal lives of teenage girls or typical photo shoot ideas, nothing new nor interesting… Not to mention, this being a non-gravure, there are not much skin to be seen, so it’s really SAFE for work.

With all the above said, so what makes Yuri Danshi stand out so much? Here’s a trailer,

If you still don’t get it, it’s a book of traps, aka Otokonoko or in layman term, cross dressing guys. Despite the all guy crew, there are quite a few really good looking ones, some of them would be Sachiko,  Aoi Kamo, Miliah and Sue.

As mentioned, there is nothing new within the book in terms of photographic style, sexiness or it’s presentation. Fact is, if not for the hook, this would have been a rather boring book to look at. Though I did find a new insights into the crossdressing genre and as a wiseman said, Crossdressing(guys to gals) is something only Guys can do and experience!

This book is available via Books Kinokuniya’s ordering service, for me, it’s priced at S$36 before applying the membership privilege.

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