The World’s No.1 MMO Action RPG, Dragon Nest SEA turned 2 on 16 August 2013. In celebration of this joyous occasion, Dragon Nest SEA has specially planned a 3-month long series of new content, fun and games for its players from August to October.

The game patch on 13 August 2013 introduced an array of new content into the game, from new dungeons and even a Treasure Stage where players can loot Cash items from treasure chests. Players who frequent the Dark Lair will be pleased to know that the 3 for exploration where new monsters and new titles and Nest boss-exclusive effect Origins await.


Infinite Pormido

Those looking for a challenge can also check out the newly opened Infinite Pormido which combines the horrors of all 3 floors of Hatred Pirandello to deliver the ultimate nightmare. Survive the battle though and dream loot like Unique Origins and exclusive titles will be yours!


Hatred Pirandello

Players can also visit the new Treasure Stage where their luck may snag them cool Cash items, some of which are not even available in the Cash Shop at the moment! Players may visit the Treasure Stage by purchasing a Treasure Package from the Cash Shop.


Treasure Stage

There are three Treasure Packages to choose from namely Gold, Silver and Bronze, and each of these packages also contain a key of the respective grade to open the Ancestor Treasure Chest at the end of the stage. Players can obtain an Ancestor jewel from the Ancestor Treasure Chest and stand to complete their Great Ancestor outfit!

To celebrate its 2nd anniversary, the Dragon Nest SEA team has also lined up plenty of events for its players. From now until 3 September 2013, players can mimic Korean superstar PSY’s Gentleman dance in-game by snagging the free Cheeky gesture simply by uploading a photo proclaiming their love for Dragon Nest SEA.

Dragon Nest SEA also takes the celebration one step further by introducing its first Cash Shop sale where selected items are priced at up to 50% off. With popular Cash items like Jellies, Seal Stamps and selected pets going at a discount, players can now grab a bargain or two from now until 3 September 2013!

As per tradition, Dragon Nest SEA will be celebrating its 2nd Anniversary for 3 whole months. Players can check out more details of in-game events planned for them at here.

“Dragon Nest SEA has come so far in such a short time,” said Mr Addison Kang, Vice-President and Producer of Shanda Games International. “In just 2 years, we have introduced a new class, numerous new dungeons and nests. We’re even revamped and improved some of the game functions and system.”

“We are always listening to players’ suggestions and are constantly improving the game based on the feedback we have received. It may be Dragon Nest SEA’s 2nd birthday, but the first toast will go out to our players for making it happen.” – Mr Addison Kang.

Players who wish to try out Dragon Nest SEA can head to Cherrycredits’ site to download the patch or check out the latest happenings.

About Dragon Nest SEA: Dragon Nest SEA is a free-to-play 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role-Playing Game (MMO Action RPG) developed by Eyedentity Games. Dragon Nest’s story revolves around the once pure and beautiful world of Lagendia that has been corrupted by evil forces.

Adventurers will battle corrupt dragons and their followers in order to save the land created by the goddess Altea, who was unfortunately poisoned by her evil sister. Players enter this world; join their friends and battle hordes of evil creatures and boss monsters bent on destroying Lagendia.

Running on the proprietary ‘Eternity’ engine, Dragon Nest SEA delivers vivid graphics even on low-end systems. Dragon Nest SEA is also the first ever RPG to integrate third-person shooter elements (WASD+Mouse) into its game and spawning an unprecedented next-gen action RPG that is carefully designed for fluid character movements and improved controls.

Dragon Nest has launched in Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea, and has garnered much popularity amongst players for its breath-taking graphics and action-packed gameplay. Currently, Dragon Nest SEA is one of the most popular game service with more than 850,000 fans on its Facebook fan page.

About Shanda Games International Pte Ltd: Shanda Games International (SDGi) is a Singapore-based online game publisher. Set up in 2009, it is the publisher for Dragon Nest, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, and AvatarStar Online.

About EyedentityGames Inc. Eyedentity Games is made up of industry veterans from Webzen, Phantagram and Gravity. Founded in 2007 and based in Seoul, South Korea, Eyedentity Games aims to create more unique and entertaining games for players to enjoy. Running on its proprietary ‘Eternity Engine’, Dragon Nest is the company’s first product, and has garnered much popularity in many countries like Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan.

About Cherry Credits Pte Ltd Cherry Credits is a leading micro-payment solutions provider for digital content and game channeling. Offering a unique e-wallet system and physical scratch card (PSC) distribution, Cherry Credits gives everyone the ability & convenience to transact online anytime, anywhere. Cherry Credits is the official Payment Provider and Channeling Platform for the Dragon Nest SEA game service.

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