Summer Holiday

Sakura Miku is enjoying her Summer (Fall and Winter) Holiday as her work is done in Spring. Sakuramochis from last offerings are still many, they’ll be good snacks for the rest of Summer.

Hello, Avalonexa here.

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote here as I’m currently busy with school, but I decided to spare time writing a short post about photography.

This series is intended to share photography technique as I’ll show the result photo then the setup photo. I hope this series can posted as often as I can and share interesting photography tricks.

(Basic photography knowledge will be needed in the further reading.)

Today, we’ll covering about window light as base lighting setup. Sakura Miku’s photo is one of the examples.


The Setup

Summer Holiday Setup

The photo was taken on top of table just beside the window as main lighting. I used a mirrorless camera with 50mm f/1.8 fix lens and tripod. The light came from left side of the figure and I used a little handmade reflector on the right for fill-in too. Photos are light post-processed in Lightroom 4.

Why I use 50mm fix lens? because it gives access to fast aperture (f/1 – 2.8) which rendered picture with thin depth of field and gorgeous bokeh. This lens is an optional, some camera brands sell it in a good price if you still want it.

If you only have kit lens or smartphone, don’t worry. Here are the results:

Sakura Miku Summers iphone-1

iPhone 5

Sakura Miku Summerssad-1

Kit Lens at 50mm f/5.6

Notice that it’s not so different with the kit lens? the background and foreground are little more in focus, and that’s all. What you really need to think are composition and lighting, also enjoyment of shooting something you like.

I use window light a lot for many different purposed like food and model photography. It’s rendered the photo with natural soft light and free of charge. What can you expect more from it? 😛

Well that’s all for today, I hope you enjoy my tutorial.

Write some comments if you have any thought and do wait for the next installment.

See ya~

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