What happens when the Adult Video industry visits Korea?

The “can do” spirit of the Japanese people is lit’ed like wild fire! With just a skeleton crew of a Director, Cameraman, Make-up artist and the Actress on a limited budget, they are set on creating yet another hit AV for the world!

The actress, or the AV IDOL is named Ryoko and is the top actress of Japan, famous in even in Korea, she takes pride in her job and is a professional! And under her is Yuna, an innocent Korean girl who had all her live wants to be an Idol, thus adoring Japanese Idol singing to the 1980s Idol hit.

Cinematic of the show cannot be said to be good, but the casual acting along with the funny story line allows for an enjoyable 2 hours in the cinema during the show. But some parts might just not make sense at all. ==|||

In short, catch this show if you are looking for a sexy funny time. No worries can bring your Girlfriend along (that’s what the guy next to me did).

*Dear readers, don’t act innocent lah, you have never watched an AV before? If you haven’t sorry hor… *



Here comes the brave, hot sexy idol!

AV goddess Ryoko, who captivates Asian men’s hearts is getting tired of filming AV. When she hears that her next film is going to be made in Seoul, which is center of Korean wave, she feels somehow ominously. Sure enough, due to the insufficient production cost and inexperienced film crew, they face difficulties just upon arriving at the Incheon Int’l Airport. Whilst they get into all kinds of troubles, Ryoko accidentally meets Yuna, a wannabe idol star.

Yuna mistakes Ryoko as a great idol actress. Ryoko lies to Yuna against her will and brings her to the AV film set. Meanwhile, the AV film director who is fascinated by Yuna’s freshness, casts her as the leading actress right away and plans a new ‘AV film’ starring Yuna.

Are they going to finish the New Korean wave AV film after all?

The Movie is now in Cathay and Filmgarde Cineplex.

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