Today as I turned on my laptop, 1st thing I see are several notifications –
both via Facebook and my Email, as well as other places I’m subscribed to on the net.

7236c465 “What Exactly IS This Video?”

「俺とお前の差を教えてやるよ」- Ore To Omae No Sa Wo Oshiete Yaru Yo
or  “I’ll Tell You What Makes You and Me Different” —
The new anime announcement, aired by Kyoto Animation on WEDNESDAY, is one of the latest projects of
Animation Doa Japanese Studio mostly known for sub-contracting work on other studios’ projects.
Some anime titles in which this studio was involved are: K-ON!, CLANNAD, AIR (TV), InuYasha
and many more…

Animation Do had mentioned last April 2012 about a “work in progress” anime,
and it was mentioned at the end of the trailer, saying,「新たな挑戦!」- which means “Challenge Accepted!”

No further details have been announced;
but this anime will surely be one to watch out for!


with already 107,407 views (and counting!) on YouTube for this 30 second commercial,
and after only being uploaded 15 hours ago by CureSumika
Just the CM alone, brought in a whole worldwide audience just itching for the premiere date.

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