The booster pack volume 5, titled awakening of twin blades, was released on the 22nd February 2013.

In this booster, it features powerful cross ride cards of the 3 most known clans in the whole game, which are the Royal Paladin, Kagero and the Shadow Paladin. Other cross ride cards for other clans are also featured inside this booster but these mentioned are the main features of this booster.

For this review, I shall focus on these 3 main cross ride cards and some of the cards that can be used along with these cards for a good amount of attack power. As this booster is an older release in the Japanese volume, it does not feature the Limit Break cards but nevertheless their ability are still on par with the Limit Break cards.


First up, the cross ride card for the clan Shadow Paladin is called the Phantom Blaster Overlord. Like all cross ride cards, as long as you have Phantom Blaster Dragon in your soul, it gains an additional 2000 power. This means that you are permanently at 13000 power thus lessening the amount of guard you need when guarding. The persona blast, which requires you to drop the same card from your hand,  allows you to gain 10000 attack power and an additional critical which will force the opponent to use his perfect guard.


For Kagero, we have Dragonic Overlord the End. The effect is the same as Phantom Blaster Overlord but for the persona blast, it allows you to stand again to attack. For the second attack, it does not lose the twin drive ability, so if you were to trigger from the first attack, the attack power stacks up. This makes your second or even third attack even stronger forcing your opponent to use up more cards to guard the attacks.


For Royal Paladin, the Majesty Lord Blaster requires two specific cards in the soul instead of one but the effect is worth it as it gives you an additional 1 critical. The second effect needs the two specific cards in the first ability to be on the rear guard circle to activate, giving itself an additional 10000 attack power.

300px-Knight_of_Friendship,_Kay 300px-Burning_Horn_Dragon 300px-BT05-069EN-C_(Sample) 300px-BT05-018EN-RR_(Sample)

Also in this booster, it contains cards that can gain additional power very easily by meeting their condition.


An example will be the knight of loyalty, Bedivere, whose ability let it gains 3000 attack power if you have the vanguard with the name blaster in it.


Another card you do not want to miss out is the Wingal Brave which let you search out a blaster from your deck into your hand, making it easier to meet the requirement of majesty lord blaster.


If you don’t have Wingal Brave, an alternative would be Star call trumpeter. Its ability allows you to call one blaster from your deck into the rear guard circle on the same turn, thus helping you get the requirement for majesty lord blaster if you are missing one of the blaster in your hand or field.


For Shadow Paladin, you have nightmare painter. The effect is very good as you can directly just put Phantom Blaster Dragon into the soul from your hand instead of wasting a turn to ride it so that you can cross ride to get the effect for Phantom Blaster Overlord.


This is all I have for this booster volume review. See you guys next time for the review of the extra booster pack volume 1: comic style which feature the cards found in the comic series for Vanguard.

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