Who is Ebisu Muscats?

Ebisu Muscats is an Japanese Idol group consisting of Japanese Gravure and AV idols. Their first debut in 2008 during a TV Tokyo variety show, Onegai! Muscat. They have released many Singles and an Album from 2010 to 2012.
They have announced their disbandment to be in 2013 after their Tour in Asia.

Here are the Singles and Album they have done since 2010;

In 2010 ,
– Banana ・ Mangō ・ Haisugūru / 12 no 34 de Naite ( バナナ・マンゴー・ハイスクール/12の34で泣いて)   ( Single )

– OECURA MAMBO / Watashi Manbō (OECURA MAMBO/私マンボー) ( Single )

–  Chiyokoreito / Kawaii Kōshien (チヨコレイト/かわいい甲子園) ( Single )

In 2011 ,
– Spring Holiday / Kuchigenka Shinai de ♪ (スプリングホリデー/口ゲンカしないで♪) ( Single )

– Ropponpon☆Fantasy (ロッポンポン☆ファンタジー) ( Single )

– Za masukattsu ~ Hariuddo kara kon’nichiwa ~ (ザ・マスカッツ~ハリウッドからこんにちは~) ( Album )

In 2012 ,
–  Hanī to rappu ♪ (ハニーとラップ♪) ( Single )

– Oyafukō beibē (親不孝ベイベー) ( Single )

ASIA TOUR 2013 “ Live in Singapore “

Last thursday, we were at the Star Theatre to catch the J-pop idol group, Ebisu Muscats  which were having their “Live in Singapore” for One-time only on that night, and we were lucky to catch them live that day. The performance, was a combination with Singing, dancing and a little of games with 10 Sexy and Kawaii Members of Ebisu Muscats.


The 10 members who came that day were; 

Nadako Kodama
Sho Nishino
Akiho Yoshizawa
Ayako Yamanaka
Yuma Asami
Kaho Kasumi
Minori Hatsune
Yuria Satomi
Mui Kuriyama



The crowd was really amazing during this concert ! 




The performance was a very enjoyable one, really liked the energy from the girls during this concert! Would hope to see them again soon~ 



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