First of all Happy New Year! Enjoy your day 🙂

With this season at its end and the next coming in, I would like to give my brief thoughts about this season and the last. Overall I say this season is probably the most watchable season this year, more so than the last, full of win.


Sakurasou Pet no Kanojo- A show which I look forward to every week, with so many superior beings in my class as well, I can relate extremely well to Sorata and Rita. A must watch this season.

Zetsuen no Tempest – there are weeks where I can forget about this, so kinda mixed, interesting though.

Ixion Saga DT – bad anime so bad it’s good to watch.


If only I can have my own Morgiana above my bed too 🙁

Magi – Very nice watch! One of my favorites this season, Morgiana ♥ Okay other than that, I’m really sucked into the  Arabian/ ancient Mongolian/Chinese world they live in.
Bakuman S3 – Not much to right about since I really like the manga as well.

Girls und Panzer – Kinda look forward to this every week, girls in tanks! Tank battles are pretty well animated and are a joy to watch. Really like the characters as well. Can’t wait for the last episodes in March!

Chuu2byou – Moe but not something I will be remembering as time goes by. It just did not resonate as much with me. Others find it a really good watch though. YMMV in this case.

K- close to dropping it, cinematics are great but subpar story flow hinders it from becoming truly great.

BTOOOM!- Win! Love watching it, explosions, Himiko and Ryouta are a nice couple! Too bad things ended fast, hoping for an announcement for the next season if there is one.

Medaka Box S2- So ridiculous its good, love the manga as well. Introducing Kumagawa before the season ends really makes one really impatient for Season 3!

Robotics;Notes – Watching it mainly for Frau and Akiho for most of the season but things are really getting interesting with the report, keep the tension up!

Little Busters!- Face it, all of Key’s shit is good.

Shinsekai Yori- Nice plot, strange art, went wtf at the gayness. Lots of info dumping each episode though, I do like ‘exploring’ different universes in anime but others won’t really like it.

OniiAi- Very standard harem stuff. Still suckered into it because of Akiko’s voice. NSFW, you have been warned.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures- Best this season(for me), there is no doubt about it. Besides the art style, the way the music blends with the somewhat overdramatic atmosphere makes it absolutely enjoyable to watch. It reminds me of the way Kaiji is animated but with added action and story.

Hayate no Gotoku – nothing much to say since it has been an enjoyable ride all a long and continues to be one 🙂

Code Breaker- dropped the manga a long time ago and probably this one as well. Might catch up with it later.

Psycho Pass- as tueac has noted, its one of the best this season. Love everything about it, the crimes, the voices, the art, if only Jojo was not as epic, this would the best this season. I really like Kogami’s and Masaoka’s characters a lot, really fitting in the world they live in. The anime itself is very immersive and get’s one thinking, “What if?”.

double season stuff:


Jormungand Perfect Order: I had a blast following Koko and Jonah’s adventures in the show. The battles, the characters, are all just a blast to watch. Real sad to see it end now.

Total Eclipse- Totally awesome, the first half and second are not exactly top notch but they remained consistently watch-able for both halves which makes it a winner for me. Love the Scarlet Twins and Yui-hime! Very balanced between action and fan-service, I like.

SAO- First arc was stunning and great but as with the novels as well as the anime the 2nd arc was a torture for me to watch. The last couple of episodes took only 16 mins of my time in total to watch. Comparing the author’s 2 works, I preferred Accel World to this by a large margin on grounds of consistency.

To end of, 2012 and the last season and year brought us many good titles(2 Urobuchi Gen titles!) which made this year awesome. Especially looking forward to the new season.  See you guys later!

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