Yikes! Work have really made me very slow huh… This is my first post in 2013, ha… Well it’s only quite right that i use it for my first event of the year yah?

I went to Penang to “help out” a little at Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Night Penang 2013, I didn’t really do a lot and didn’t get much picture of the event itself but do allow me to share with you some stuff about Penang.

It’s my first time to Penang, Malaysia! And I was wow’ed by the city’s rich heritage and good food~ I just had to go tried some Fried Kway Tiao, Laksa, and Chendol, a mission i have given myself and some thing that I accomplished!

Back to the Culture Japan Night, the event was held at the posh Gurney Paragon, a shopping arcade(but more like a high class food court) with a late 18th century Cathedral right in the middle, that would be the St. Jo, the place where CJN Penang was held.

Officially via Danny Choo, over 800 wild pokemons appeared on people attended the Penang’s CJN, and I noticed 1 thing. Penang parents are actually quite open to Japanese culture, choosing to accompany their kids, bringing the whole family down to the event and buying presents for them, like a packet of Moekana anyone?

The number made Penang’s CJN the most attended Culture Japan Night in the world, which is good.

Overall, I really had a lot of fun in Penang, the shopping, walking and eating. Khoo Kongsi is a wonder to visit and I even found a 2nd hand market~ Ah one day I’ll most likely be back there again! With a bicycle~

And so this is my first post in 2013, I started with a touring post~ Hope you saw something you like and aspires to go travelling too!

*Note: The new gallery looks so much better~ Jetpack is such a genius!

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