25th  January, 2013 marks the release of the Cardfight!! Vanguard English version trial deck vol 3 and 4 which features the Oracle Think Tank and Nova Grappler clan.

I will start off with the Oracle Think Tank. This clan is no stranger to all of us as it is already available to be played but a trial deck version is made so that new players can use the deck to try the play style of this clan. For Oracle Think Tank, or OTT for short, is all about having hand size.


The trial deck will come with enough cards with abilities that allow you to gain hand size. One example would be the Luck Bird.

300px-TD04-010EN_(Sample) 300px-TD04-006EN_(Sample) 300px-TD04-009EN_(Sample)

Because of the Luck Bird’s effect, you have other cards in the trial deck that gains power from having a hand size of more than 4 or like Sword Dancer Angel which gain 1000 power when a card drawn.

300px-TD04-002EN_(Sample) 300px-TD04-001EN_(Sample)

For grade 3, you have the two grade 3 shown above that are very useful for this deck. For example, Apollon’s effect allows you to draw 2 additional cards when you hit into opponent’s vanguard. This not only increases your hand size but also gives you more advantage in defending your vanguard during opponent’s turn. For Sakuya, you gain additional 4000 power with a hand size of more than 4 and when playing her down, you get to return all your rearguard. This temporary increases your hand size and allows you to reposition your rearguard.

For Nova Grappler, the play style would be dependent on standing your rearguard for additional attacks and also cards that allow you to unflip damage cost so that you can continue using effects that need to counter blast .


This is an example of a card that can allow you recover 1 counter blast that you have used. However this is not the only card in the whole clan that have this effect.

300px-TD03-002EN_(Sample) 300px-TD03-011EN_(Sample) 300px-TD03-008EN_(Sample)

Above are some of the cards that gains power from counter blasting. Oasis girl is a good card as it is an activate effect so that you can use the effect repeatedly.

300px-TD03-004EN_(Sample) 300px-BT01-031EN_R

For this trial deck, it gives the good combo of the king and queen which allow you to reach that 20000 attack power.


For your grade 3, you have Gold Rutile. This is the best grade 3 you can find in the trial deck as it allows you to recover 1 counter blast for each time your rearguard hits the opponent’s vanguard thus allowing you to be able to perform more counter blasts the next turn. It also has the ability to stand another rearguard to perform another attack. Good to combo with stand trigger.

This is all I have for this 2 trial decks. See you next time on the release of booster pack vol 5: Awakening of Twin Blades which will introduce the some of the most powerful limit break cards in shadow paladin, royal paladin and kagero clan. This will be release ion 22nd February 2013. Until then, keep on cardfighting!

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