The EOY 2012 held on the 9th of December was quite am event for me. Afterall I have practically missed most of the AFA12 activities due to work. So this is one of the real chance for me to truly witness the current state of cosplay within Singapore as well as the dojin art scene.

And nicely, also an event to sit down and have a good chat with friends. The environment sure didn’t deter us from doing that, with a partially cloudy sky and a cool late afternoon. Photographer had a field of a good time too, with the cloudy skies acting as a natural lightbox for everyone.

At night thou, more lighting might be needed at the stage area… As on retrospect, 2 or 3 pen lights just cannot cut it… But apparently the attendees don’t care, thanks to the wonderful closing performances from Jessica, Shizuka,  Melanie Joanne, Wang Xiao Tim, and NIJI, with the Marina Bay Sands as backdrop.

To sum it off, It’s really an awesome out door event!

Really congratulations to Tim, Vincent and the EOY12 crew for a job well done!

Now for the Pictures~

Part 2, Ryuuji’s EOY~

This year’s EOY cosplay festival was a very fun and exciting one! Held at Marina Bay this year, the event area was huge. There were many cosplayers, photographers and event-goers at EOY this year!


The concept for EOY this year is totally different as this year’s EOY is based on an MMORPG game. The game, “ EOY Quest” is simply played by anyone who is visiting the event as they would just have to whip out their mobile devices or Smartphone to scan the QR codes found at various places in the event area!

P1050259 P1050252

This year’s EOY also features the KiraCandy Girls , EOY 2012 Meido Ambassadors and EOY 2012 Cosplay Ambassadors.


The booths and stalls area at EOY 2012 were so lively and crowded, as you can find many event-goers making their rounds to look and interesting merchandises that can be found there!



Around there was also the the performance stage.


There was also a flash mob at the event!


The doll both also looking good at this years EOY, With a cafe theme.


Some cosplayers at the Event,

P1050367 P1050363 P1050339 P1050316

Mirai Itasha at EOY 2012


On the end note~ This year’s EOY Cosplay Festival was a really wonderful one!

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