MACROSS 30 ~ 銀河を繋ぐ歌声 ~ (Voice Connecting the Galaxy)
Release February 28th, 2013. For the Playstation 3 Only.


Apart from the many VFs and weapons, a brand new unit will also be present within the game, the VF30 a new model piloted by SMS pilot Leon Sasaki and designed by mecha designer Shoji Kawamori.

YF30The game will also be featuring characters and their respective songstress from all Macross series from Hikaru to Alto, Lynn Minmay to Sheryl Nome.

16Additionally, there will also be a number of new characters, especially Mina Forte, the singer for the game’s theme song, voiced by Chisuga Haruka(20), the winner of Miss MACROSS 30th anniversary.

Her single containing the theme song, Planet Cradle and Wondering, will be released 27th February 2013.

Official Website: MACROSS 30 ~ 銀河を繋ぐ歌声 ~



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