With EOY 2012 Cosplay Festival just around the corner…  Here are some Items you can expect from the event this coming Sunday! 

1) Cosplay

Marina Barrage has a large open space for Cosplayers to present their best Cosplay costumes and props, portray their favourite anime / manga / game characters, and commit them to eternal memory via the lenses of many cosplay photographers. It is a year-end celebration & gathering for what might well be the largest congregation of Cosplayers in Singapore!

We have also invited veteran and well-liked cosplayers like Spinelo (Risa) and Yivon to be our Cosplay Ambassadors inspire everyone to share their love for Cosplay.

Full list of Cosplay Ambassadors:

2) Photography

Marina Barrage has many scenic views and is flanked by some of Singapore’s most iconic landscapes. The ample natural lighting will make photographing the numerous creative cosplayers and activities a breeze even for amateur photographers. It is any photographer’s testing ground to start or build up your portfolio.

Visit this page for the directions –

3) Food and Drinks

Have no worry about food and drinks! These will be covered by BonJapan, who is well-known for bringing in delicious goodies and snacks from Japan!

4) Shopping for anime goods

Shipping goods from Japan is a killer. Why not get them at EOY and save up on the shipping fees? A huge variety of anime merchandise, fan art merchandises, Doujinshi, crafts and much more are made available to you by budding entrepreneurs and artists!

5) Meeting the lovely meido ambassadors


At the Meido Ryokan, you can read Manga & magazines, while being served drinks by the friendly and moe meido ambassadors. Polaroid photos with your favourite meido are also available for purchase.

Full list of Meido Ambassadors:

6) Fun Games & Unique Activities


There are quests & activities to participate in to “level up”!. The helpful KiraCandy Girls will be at hand to support you in your quests.

Full list of KiraCandy Girls:

7) Quality Stage Performances

Many experienced and rising young talents will share the stage to entertain you with their best song and dance performances. All performers have been auditioned by a panel of judges. The annual Lolita Fashion Runway will be held at EOY Cosplay Festival.

So Enjoy yourselves at EOY Cosplay Festival this year!  See you guys there!



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