14th December 2012 marks the international release of the booster pack volume 4 of cardfight! Vanguard titled Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows. For this booster, we will talk more about the Shadow Paladin clan as this booster was released earlier in the Japanese version. This volume also features cards from other clans such as Megacolony, Dimension Police, Nova Grappler, Royal Paladin and Kagero.

Some may feel that this volume is a downgrade for most cards found in it compared to the later volumes but this booster is still essential to make a complete deck for a few clans that are available now.

To start off, I will talk more on the Shadow Paladin cards that are available and good for the current deck or new strategy.

300px-BT04-026EN-R_(Sample) 300px-BT04-048EN-C_(Sample) 300px-BT04-024EN-R_(Sample) 300px-BT04-001EN-RRR


For this booster, Shadow Paladin deck build would be Fullbau, Blaster Javelin, Blaster Dark and Phantom Blaster Dragon as their effects need one another to ride on. For Blaster Dark, the effect is similar to Blaster Blade itself as it allows you to retire one opponent rear guard unit at the cost of 2 counterblast. As for Phantom Blaster Dragon, the effect is quite costly but the outcome is great as you get to gain an additional 10k power and 1 critical.


Because of playing Phantom Blaster Dragon, you would definitely need the card Skull Witch, Nemain, as her effect allows you to draw 2 card at the cost of 1 discard which lets you gain 1 additional card in hand. This is to help you replenish the card used to activate the effect of Phantom Blaster Dragon.

300px-Enigman_Flow 300px-BT04-056EN-C_(Sample) 300px-BT04-012EN-RR_(Sample) 300px-BT04-004EN-RRR

For dimension police, you can play the Enigman ride build and for your grade 3, you should ride Enigman storm as it has the best effect of gaining an extra critical if you are able to give it additional power of 5k.


You can combine it with Commander Laurel if you hit in with Enigman storm. This will then allow you get 2 critical attack per turn.

300px-BT04-039EN-R_(Sample) 300px-BT04-072EN-C_(Sample) 300px-BT04-018EN-RR_(Sample) 300px-BT04-006EN-RRR_(Sample)

For Kagero, you get to play the Amber dragon build as the grade 3 effect allows you to retire 2 of your opponent rear guard if it hits it, stressing your opponent to try and guard his attack.

300px-BT04-041EN-R_(Sample) 300px-BT04-077EN-C_(Sample) 300px-BT04-019EN-RR_(Sample) 300px-BT04-008EN-RRR_(Sample)

For Nova Grappler, you can try out the Stern Blaukluger build which is an alternate build for nova grappler but not as powerful as the current nova grappler available as the effect for the grade 3 is quite hard to get and your second attack will not have the twin drive anymore.

The Megacolony is also made playable from this booster pack volume onwards but I will not go into much detail for it.

This is all I have for this review of booster pack volume 4. Join me next time for Trial Deck volume 3 and 4 review which releases on 25th January 2013.

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