On November 11th 2012, Minami Kuribayashi performed live in Singapore at the AFA12 Diamond Stage. Before that, we at Ani-culture had the chance to participate in an exclusive group interview with Minami!


When she appeared and started walking towards us who were waiting outside the interview room, we received the mature charm that this beautiful woman extruded, which is different from others. As a long term fan of 10 years, it was an unforgettable experience to be in such close contact with her.

She was very polite, exchanging greetings with us interviewers as we entered the room, and she was also very understanding, as the location that the room was located was right behind the stage where a performance was taking place, so we all had to crowd around her to hear one another over the loud noise. Despite that, she made neither a frown, giving us her all in answering our questions.

Here are the questions that was asked and answered in this historical (for this interviewer at least) interview with some of my comments there ^^;

Ani-Culture(AC): Hi Minami-san, having personally written the lyrics for your songs, can you tell us how you get your inspiration for the lyrics?

Minami: For the songs, I am given the background and resources about the anime and with them in my heart I get the inspiration to write the lyrics.
(Her answer really pleases me to no end, knowing how she made those powerful lyrics, that comes from her heart.)

Ani-Culture(AC): After eleven years in the anime industry, you are now one of the most well-known voice actress, song writer and singer in the anime realm. Would you mind telling us a little about how your career in this business began and who influenced you?

Minami: I started in this business through the anime Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Rumbling Hearts. And the person who influenced me the most is Okui Masami.
(Kiminozo is a VN and Anime produced by the company âge, which also produced the MuvLuv series, of which the anime Total Eclipse is part of. Okui Masami is a Pop, Rock and Anison singer with many other anime songs under her belt, including works with JAM Project as well as being the Animelo producer.)

Ani-Culture(AC): Having participated in songs for various anime and games, which work would be your favorite one?

Minami: My favorite would be my debut project, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.
(Indeed, it held Precious Memories for all of her fans as well.)

Ani-Culture(AC): Having voiced the character Suzumiya Haruka in the anime Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, are you interested in voicing other roles in the future?

Minami: Yes I am if I get the chance.

Ani-Culture(AC): As one of the central figures of Animelo Summer for 8 years, if given the chance would you continue to attend this grand event? And as a singer, would you be trying new singing styles you have never tried before?

Minami: Yes I would like to join. I don’t have anything in mind yet, but if there is a chance I might do so.
(Minami has sung in the biggest annual anime songs concert Animelo Summer Live every year since 2005, alongside Okui Masami and many famous artists.)

Ani-Culture(AC): Your most recent anisong works, “Signs” and “Doubt the World” for the animation Total Eclipse, which is based off the Visual Novel series Muv Luv Alternative. How do you feel about finally seeing this series getting made into an anime after 10 years?

Minami: I was always hoping that this series would be made into an anime, and I am really happy that it happened.
(Muv Luv Alternative is another VN produced by âge. As a fan of the series, this has been a great year.)

Ani-Culture(AC): What advice would you give to aspiring singers or voice actors who are trying to break into the industry?
Minami: It is important that you have some originality or some defining character, so please have this uniqueness in yourself.

Ani-Culture(AC): Do you have any words for your fans in Singapore?
Minami: It my first time in Singapore, and I came here very excited, so I am looking forward to performing my best in front of everyone!

And she definitely gave her best in the concert! As it was streamed live via Nico Nico stream, I hope those overseas were able to catch her in action as well! I do hope to see her back in Singapore again!

Editor note: This interview is done and written by Gabby. He’s a long time fan of the Muv Luv series and in relation, Minami Kuribayashi. He is also my sempai in school and anime fandom =D

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