Madoka was at the center of a mega-troll by a cyber criminal with a suicide note. The note comes with a noose fashioned from a piece of LAN Cable with a nendoroid figurine in the middle.

And she just wrapped up a wonderful weekend at AFA12, with a special booth, a car and the movie screening. Poor Madoka…

This cyber criminal is believed to have been the one that illegally access other computer though viruses and backdoor to plan evidences and mis-directing the police.

The picture comes accompanied with a message to all major news agency in Japan that goes.


“I have committed a mistake and lost the game. I don’t want to be caught, I’ll go hang myself now. It was a fun game. Goodbye, see you in the next life.”

While Madoka, the main character of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, is already a famous anime character, she’s now practically known to all of Japan due to a stupid stun pulled by a criminal, with NHK, Yomuri, and Yahoo News carrying this piece of news. Some of the media even goes on to introduce the character, where one can buy the figurine and yes as always, tries to link the criminal together with anime…

FYI, they tried to trace this guy down, but he still can’t be found, they found him to be using address rerouting using servers as far away as Germany. It’s unknown if the criminal is truly going to be committing suicide or just trolling the public.

Still I find that killing oneself for whatever reason is a stupid reason.

Let’s hope they catch this troll soon!

Source: NHK, Yomiuri, Yahoo News via Kotaku 

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