3rd November 2012 will be the date for the release of the Cardfight! Vanguard English Extra Booster volume 2 titled Banquet of Divas in Singapore. This volume will be released internationally on 10th November 2012.

The unique thing about this volume is that it only features one clan, the Bermuda triangle. This is the first booster that enables this clan to be played. As it is quite a old series in the Japanese version, the effects the clan has is not up to the current power levels and ,for the main grade 3, it uses a persona blast as compared to the current power effect of limit break.

For this review, I will be going through 3 of the playable builds that I think is possible out of this clan and this volume.

The first build:

The most noticeable play style in this booster will be the Riviere deck build where you will be using Riviere as your main vanguard. The grade 0 effect allows you to search for the grade 2 or 3 from the top 7 cards of your vanguard if you properly ride the grade 1 while the grade 1 and 2 lets you draw an extra card and adds 1000 power continuously if rode properly. This makes Riviere to be quite a good vanguard. As for the persona blast, the effect is the same as Soul Saver Dragon but the advantage is that this is a skill that can be used when it hits successfully the opponent vanguard as a vanguard. This allows the effect to be used more than once rather than a ride down effect like Soul Saver Dragon.

You can also combo this effect with super idol ceram which has the ability to counter blast and increase her attack power by 3000 so giving you a base power of 18000 for the turn without support boost yet.

The second build:

The next grade 3 that you can try out is top idol Pacifica. The effect of Pacifica is that you get to soul charge 1 per turn and also swap a card from your hand with the top of your deck and placing it to the bottom thus helping you to manage your hand cards a lot. The megablast allows you to change out 3 beruma triangle from your deck thus enabling you to do another 2 more attacks using the rearguards. Usually you would have her to attack last to maximize her effect. Lastly, she also has another effect, which increases another 3000 power when you have 4 or more rear guard of Bermuda triangle. This will bring you up to 13000 and if you support it with a 8000 base power rear guard, you get a total power of 21000.

For this grade 3, the recommended grade 0 would be Wedell as she can be placed into the soul to help Pacifica reach the minimum amount of soul needed for megablast faster.

The third build:

For the last grade 3 which I feel that can be use as vanguard would be velvet voice, Raindear. This is because her effect is only available as a vanguard.  Her effect is that when you drive check a grade 3 bermuda triangle card. You get to swap 1 of the rear guard with your hand. This means that you get to make additional attack for the turn of up to 2 times. It is recommended that you put stand trigger for this deck so that you are able to stand the support also to get the maximum attack power out of that turn.

For the grade 2, you should go for inteli idol, Mervill who also have the same effect as Raindear as your deck is already built for raindear so this will help you to make full use of all the grade 3 drive check you will encounter during the game.

Another short combo for all the deck would be the pearl sisters. The effect of the pearl sister in an overall view would be that. You gain the advantage of drawing a card while also saving a rear guard back into your hand when the combo of the pearl sisters hits in. This is a good combo for those player who have problem keeping up their hand size for guarding.

After this few method, the best way is to always try it yourself to see which suits your game play the most. This is all I have for this review. See you all next time in the review of booster pack vol 4 which introduce you guys to the clan of the shadow paladin.


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