With AFA 2012 just brewing around the corner, I have been looking forward to the new things AFA has in store for us. If anyone noticed, AFA2012 is throwing a huge spotlight on the Japanese music sector.

I’m looking forward to the Japan Future Entertainment section in particular, especially since King Records and Lisani(リスア二!) is there. Looking forward to helping fellow comrade Xenoedge pick up a copy for リスア二!Vol. 10.1 there(since I will be looking at it as well J) .

Credit: lisani.jp

At Akiba Town, there are really too many shops I want to visit but I know everyone is looking forward to merchandise from the Madoka booth and of course the Sword Art Online concept booth. I myself will be getting a COSPA shirt as I have been getting for the past 3 AFAs. As it is for many people, KKNM will also be a prime destination for new merchandise. I’m also excited in looking at the new figurines at Good Smile Company display. Danny Choo will also be having a Mirai Suenaga booth next to the Pokemon booth both which I’m going to have to check out as well.

Credit: AFA 2012

With Genesis Frontier and Aniplex helming this, no doubt it will be a hit 🙂

I’m also really looking forward to stage events especially with Sphere and Lis Ani Editor-in-Chief Fumiaki Nishihara. Sphere will be having a live-dubbing session which will be so much fun to watch! Fumiaki Nishihara will be talking introducing Lis Ani and the stuff it covers.

As for the concerts, due to Lantis’ and King Record’s conspiracy to bankrupt me and a certain MMZ-01, I might have to put off getting concert tickets, though I’m looking into getting a Jump Stage vip pass for myself as I’m a big fan of Fripside. Tickets for the Diamond Stage seem extremely tempting……

Last the fun of AFA is not just at AFA, but the night after it. Culture Japan Night will be back again and it will be another great chance to catch up with some overseas comrades and make new ones as well. I have been to previous ones in 2010 and 2011 and yes, it was fun to make new friends that share the same interest.

I’m sure you guys are looking forward to AFA2012 as I am, so see you guys there!

This post is written by Josh, a behind the scene contributor to Ani-Culture.net~

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