“Singapore genki desu ka? ” Lisa’s genki welcome phrase during AFA ELECTRIC GROOVE ANISONG WORLD STAGE still echoing in most of the audience mind until today. It was definitely another great experience brought by this talent ani-song singer and Ani-Culture is lucky to have the opportunity for participate in Lisa’s interview once again. It is a pleasure that this time, we have a Zaku.. I mean Haku to join us as guest writer and interviewer for Lisa this time~


Hey readers, Haku here, it’s a pleasure to be invited on as a guest writer for Ani-Culture.net in the wake of AFA. Like most of you, we’re still in the process of recovering from the convention and the concerts so I’ll try my best to keep the excitement levels of this post to a minimum. But unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I can’t contain my feelings for the next Anisong artiste on the list. The next guest on our Anisong list has performed in AFA before, but is still relatively new compared to some of the veteran song artistes and singers that are present in the lineup. Yet her music is catchy, upbeat and often ignites the passion in her fans just as fiery as any other J-music singer out there (at least she did for me). We had the pleasure of interviewing the anime rock diva herself.

I’m of course, talking about the amazing LiSA of recent Fate/Zero and Sword Art Online fame. It’s no doubt she was an absolute hit with the fans with her recent entrance into the J-anime music scene with her major debut as the vocalist for the songs sung by the character Yui from the series Angel Beats by P.A Works in 2010. And she’s back to rock the Anisong stage for another year on. And was it a night to remember. But before the excitement of AFA Day 2, I sat down with Lisa to ask her more about what she felt about coming to Singapore for a second time. What did she have to say?

Well, here’s how the interview went down and we have an interview which was done in collaboration with comrades from Hexieshe.

Hexieshe : Since your last concert tour, were you touched by the fans back here after your performance? How does it feel? To be back in Singapore once again? Feeling Anxious? Excited? Looking forward to the concert?

Lisa :As I have just arrived in Singapore this morning, I have not had a chance to roam around yet. But I am very happy to be back to meet the fans who have been waiting for me and for AFA to have invited me once again.

Hexieshe :The opening theme of the animation Sword Art Online, Crossing Fields, is the next hit after Fate / Zero which is well-known by the top charts. What feeling did you have when you sang this song?

Lisa : I feel that Crossing Fields is a very strong and powerful song and I wanted to convey its emotions to the audience.

Ani-Culture(AC): Fans in Singapore are very excited to watch your performance. So could you please convey a message to your fans here?

Lisa : I am happy to be back in AFA once again. I have some plans to make the audience really happy and excited. I am really looking forward to perform on stage.

Ani-Culture(AC): Your major debut in music was in 2010 as the vocalist for the Character Yui from Angel Beats. So I would like to know how music and singing for animation has changed your life since 2010?

Lisa : Both my life and my feelings for anime have changed because I have seen many people who love animation, the directors, actors /actresses and are keen to create something like it. It makes me happy to be involved in anime.

Ani-Culture(AC) : What are your impressions on being invited to AFA in Singapore for a second time and what do you think of the fans here?

Lisa : I am very excited to be back in AFA and I am expecting my fans to enjoy with me!

Well there you have it folks, LiSA herself graced the Anisong stage with all the energy I would have expected of a rock supernova. And I’m hoping with all my heart she comes back next year, to spark that same happiness in me again. Till next time, LOVE IS SAME ALL!

Haku’s afterword :

All in all, this has been the most exhilarating interview I’ve ever conducted in my life this far. Not only did I meet one of my favourite singers, but in turn, she was equally excited to meet interviewers who were her fans as well! LiSA was an amazing personality to be able to approach in person, particularly because she struck me as the kind of J-pop star that was very reciprocative when it came to requests from the floor.

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