This really a picture post, since the ladies’ performances are incredible beyond words~ But they are there to also promote the Travel to Japan Fair 2012, and Tokyo.

Here is a little video of 1 of the songs performed,

Through out the 2 sessions, on Saturday, the emcees are also constantly promoting Tokyo Girls’ Style first budokan concert happening this December 22nd.

Some interesting fact that I can’t seem to forget is that, a Singaporean is teaching Mei English in her school! Ah!! I wanna do that too!!

Too bad, I’m not qualified yet.

Interestingly, at the Japan Travel Fair, there are also performances by a Taiko drum group from Tohoku. They are very interesting, but here is not a post for them.

Eitherway, here are the photos:

Disclosure: I like Mei and Miyu~ =D

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