October 4th, 2012, Singapore –  A press conference is held at the heart of Singapore’s Orchard road. It’s for the JROCK EVOLUTION which will happening on Friday(5th October) evening at 7PM in *SCAPE WAREHOUSE.

It’s exceptionally significant given that it’s MUCC’s first performance in Singapore and UNiTE’s first overseas performance.

During the conference they share with us some interesting tidbits with regards to their new releases and feelings for their upcoming performances.

UNiTE entered the room full of mass media first, and introduced themselves before seating down to answer a few questions by us.

Yui, the vocalist for UNiTE expressed in English that, he is very glad to be in Singapore. And will be performing a lot of song for us, which he did.

When asked their impression of Singapore, their reply is that it’s beautiful like a perfect picture. In fact Yui has been taking a lot of photos, and really liking the view a lot.

We asked them about their upcoming album’s theme. It’s titled “MEANING” and it’s really for the fans, after reading the negative feeling of fans. They want their music to help the fans find a meaning to live, and instill more positivity into them.

Their new album will be out December 5th of 2012.

Other nuggets of information includes the whole band taking about 5-6 hours for make-up before their appearances.

They also left a message for their Singapore Fans.

Next up is MUCC,

They shared some information of their upcoming Album, to be release 28th November 2012. Titled “Shangri La”,  they will be putting more rock and groovy tunes and what they wanted to do since this is their 15th anniversary.

Asked if MUCC will be doing anything special at the Singapore Live. Kotetsu answered that they will try to make the lyric of their song easy to understand and even greet the fans in local languages.

They also replied a question on how much they have changed over their 15 years. To this, they responded that they have always been singing song about what they are thinking about. But as they age, the way they think have also matured and the theme changed.

Lastly, they also gave a message to the fans, hoping that the fans will enjoy their upcoming concert.

The Concert

Both MUCC and UNiTE performed at the *SCAPE WAREHOUSE on the 5th of October and will be joining Alice 9 at Jakarta on the 7th of October for he JROCK EVOLUTION Indonesia.

I personally attended JROCK Evolution in Singapore, and is very impressed by both band’s showmanship and skills despite not really being into Visual Kei. One thing that I didn’t really expect is the loudness, It’s really loud and I had a great time head banging even!!

Thou I really enjoy the concert and performances… It seems… VK is really still not my cup of tea. But for those happy souls that got to see MUCC and UNiTE live, good for you!

Photo coverage by Eriol

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