29th September 2012 is the release of the Booster Set 7 of Cardfight! Vanguard titled Rampage of the beast king. Sorry for this long delayed post as I did not have time to get to it. This new booster features the now usable clan Great Nature, which was previously introduced a bit in the previous boosters.

For this new set, with all the new triggers and starter, Great Nature is now available as a full playable clan. This set also features other clans such as Dark Irregular, Golden Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Angel Feather and Pale Moon. For this review, I will go into Dark Irregular, Pale Moon and Great Nature.

For Great Nature, the unique feature of this clan is that it gives a great boost of power to the rear guard unit. However on the down side, those units which are boosted will be retired at the end of the turn.

For your grade 3 vanguard, you can go for School Hunter, Leo-pald. This is a good limit breaker as its limit break allows you to prevent your unit from entering the drop zone and called back into a open rear guard circle. This allows your unit to move around in your field.

Another good grade 3 would be School Dominator, Apt. This card has an additional 5000 power boost when attacking opponent’s vanguard but it also requires you to retire a rear guard as the cost while playing another card from hand into the rear guard circle. This will drain your hand fairly quickly.

For grade 2, there is the Binoculus Tiger. The effect is the same as Leo-pald but it can be used as a rear guard.

For grade 1, the Thermometer Giraffe is a useful support unit against those decks that do not use counter blast. The unit gets additional 4000 power for two or more face up card in the damage zone of your opponent.

Moving on to Dark Irregular, there is a new powerful grade 3 in this booster, Blade Wing Reijy. It is quite easy to achieve the additional critical as Dark Irregular can soul charge a lot in a few turns. The second effect also helps in the soul charge by taking the same unit in the rear guard from the deck into the soul.

This skill can be used in combination with the effect of the cards with witching hour in the name as their effect gives them additional 2000 power for the same unit in the soul. This means that the card can have an increase of up to 6000 power.

For Pale Moon, the new limit breaker is Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier. The unit’s effect allows you to change your field of a grade 0, 1, 2 and 3 into the soul and call them out again. This also allows you to change your field however you want and for every rear guard you call from the soul, the unit also gains additional 3000 power.

For a good supporting unit, you can use Bull’s Eye, Mia to help you with gaining soul as she only needs to boost and hit the vanguard to soul charge.

Another good support card would be Purple Trapezist. Just calling it onto the field will allow you to switch 1 rear guard from the field into the soul to call another unit into the field, which in this way, activates Luquier second effect.


This is all I have for this booster set review. Join me next time for the review of the Extra booster 02: Banquet of Divas. I personally only play this deck so expect some tips on various play styles. Hope to see you soon.



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