Have any of you seen or heard about the manga “BTOOOM!” by Junya Inoue?
If not, well here’s news for you…READ IT!

I’m 22, and I still don’t have a job.
I sit around all day, doing nothing.
But in the world of BTOOOM!,
I’m stronger than anyone, more respected than anyone,
and greater than anyone. I even got married online.
I was content.
Here, in this wonderful place.

Those were the words of our protagonist, Ryota Sakamoto, right before he awoke, alone at a tropical island. He has no recollection of HOW or WHY he had arrived at such a place. He then decides to wander in search of answers, and just as he had finally spotted another person whom he thought he could ask for help, the man throws a bomb at him! He runs for cover and later realizes that he is somehow trapped in the real life version of his favorite game!

To throw or not to throw? To run and hide, or to kill the living, breathing opponents that lie ahead? Join Ryota as he faces the dilemma of the virtual world VS reality. What must he do to become #1 in the world of “BTOOOM!”

This October 2012, marks the premiere of the 1st episode of the Anime Adaptation of this epic title brought to us by MadHouse productions. Experience the thrill, the action, the suspense…and let’s not forget those erotic hot babes! “BTOOOM!” is definetly gonna be a mind-blowing anime experience!


Viewers have already exclaimed their excitement after the 1st episode, which aired October 4th, and some have mentioned the anime as having the best graphics, but less graphic content(gore) compared to the manga. But either way, ratings have been well and good.

Here are some screenshots from “BTOOOM!” [EP.01]:

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