Get really to M.O.V.E!!

As the date for Anime Festival Asia 2012 draws near, the list of stars coming to it looks like a veritable A-star one, with artistes ranging from fripSide, LiSA and FLOW, just to name a few. One of them however deserves special mention not only to J-pop fans, but to those who love the smell of gasoline and the sound of an engine revving in the night. M.O.V.E, the group that made a name for itself doing the opening and closing theme songs for Initial D anime, will be performing on Saturday 10th November.

Comprising of Yuri and Motsu, with T-Kimura as the producer, their first single was “Rock it Down” in 1997, but they truly propelled to stardom with “Around the World” which was the OP for Initial D First Stage in 1998. As they went along, they released more singles for the subsequent episodes, the Initial D Third Stage movie as well as the arcade and console games. Their blend of music, with iconic examples such as “Rage Your Dream”, “Gamble Rumble” as well as “Dogfight” gelled well with the Initial D franchise’s overall theme of street racing and adrenaline in spades , and played a large part in its stunning success both in Japan as well as overseas.

In addition to their work on Initial D, they are also known for doing the OP, “Drivin’ Through the Night” for the IKKi Tousen anime, as well as the ending theme “Romancing Train” for the Final Fantasy Unlimited anime series.

Considering that Initial D Fifth Stage debuts in Japan on 9th November, it is somewhat fitting for them to make their South-East Asian debut at this time to remind us all of the story of Fujiwara Takumi, Japan’s maniacal, drifting tofu delivery boy.

Rage Your Dream

Around the World

Gamble Rumble


Out of Kontrol

M.O.V.E will be performing on the 10 Nov 2012 Saturday, on the Jump Stage.

For those who have not bought your tickets, you can get them here

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