KANAME☆ will be back again as a special guest, gracing AFA2012. This will be his fourth time attending Anime Festival Asia, but we will never get bored of his amazing and precise cosplay.

KANAME☆ is a well known name within the cosplay circle, as his cosplays never fail to amaze his ever supporting fans and other cosplayers. With his handsome and charming features that will send let his wave of fans screaming, he continues to wow his fans with his high level of cosplays.

The character cosplay that raised him to stardom was Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children. Many were amazed at how he could portray this character so well.

KANAME☆ not being a 1 trick pony, has done many different types of characters, which some of them being Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, Portugas D.Ace and Sanji from One Piece, Black Rock Shooter ( Kaito version ) and Fushimi Sarohiko from K ( his latest to date).

So who is this man we know behind the costume?

Well, KANAME☆ lives in Chiba, Japan. His cosplaying skills have been acknowledged around the world becoming an inspiration and public figure.

And becoming that is not easy as he has to overcome lots of obstacles and always maintain his cool. His cosplay career started when he came out of the hospital due to a backbone problem. He was determined to change his live and not wallow in self pity anymore. It was a very difficult decision for him to choose the path of being a cosplayer.

His family wasn’t really happy about this and it was the same for his friends as well as his girlfriend. But his great achievement today proved something to them and of course it has became a great inspiration to all of us.

His inability to converse in English did not stop fans from knowing about him and his activities. KANAME☆ has given permission to his fans to help manage his official fan page on Facebook, as he really wants to communicate and know his fans better.

He is really kind as he acknowledges his panel of Administrators for their hard work and their faithful support.  “you are all my comrades”, he said to his fans.

KANAME will be the guest of the Asia Regional Cosplay Championship at Anime Festival Asia 2012 !

So do watch out for him!


credits to Yuko Chan from Kaname Official.

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