For Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention (STGCC), Ani-culture went down to Marina Bay Sands for the media preview. From the preview, it will be a jam pack 2 days of meeting many personalities from both Eastern and Western pop cultures.

With an expected number of 35 000 visitors this year, STGCC is poised to show off its mix of western and eastern pop culture. There are over 90 booths at the artist alley and over 100 exclusive merchandise to be released at the event. This will be quite a bountiful trip for everyone visiting the place. You can also meet talents such as Leinil Yu and Ito Noizi up close and see their works.

At the media preview were artists Andy Diggle, Leinil Yu, Tristan Eaton and top cosplayers Touya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun. Toy designer Mark Nagata was also at the event. At the preview, some products  from a selected few exhibitors were showcased. Some examples would be Mark Nagata’s toys, the Nanoha Movie 2nd premium ticket and more.

There was a dialogue session between the emcee and Andy, Leinil and Tristan. They were discussing their recent works and future plans. It would seem that they are going to have a blast at STGCC too.


There were live drawing demonstrations by Tristan and Leinil during the preview. Andy Diggle was tasked with giving a caption to Leinil’s illustration of a Singaporean version of a superhero. If you want to know what the caption, look out for the illustrations as they will be completed and showcased during STGCC itself.

This was a very fun session and we are looking forward to STGCC for the next 2 days!


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