On the 1st and 2nd of September 2012, at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, the Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention, aka. STGCC 2012, was held.

The lineup for STGCC this year was a good one, which made for an exciting event. It was crowded and lively for both days, with a lot of booths in the convention hall itself.

You can feel the energy from the atmosphere as you entered the convention hall with booths selling everything from fan-made T-shirts, key-chains to many other very nice items. Walking down the row of booths, you can see the works from different artists and sculptors alike.

We have some of the booths at the event selling Anime Merchandises like shirts, figurines, phone straps and even some selling tokusatsu items. There were many varieties of items available, that could make anyone visiting STGCC, want to buy stuff.

Zaneeds and WhiteCanvas Akibahara, from Japan, also setup booths at STGCC12. You can get different merchandises available only in Japan, from the respective booths.

Entering the Hot Toys booth, you’ll see a huge balloon at the top of the booth, and hands belonging to the Hulk “smashing” through the booth’s walls. Walk further in and you’ll see a scaled model of “The Bat” from “The Dark Knight Rises”, and on the other side, the many versions of Iron Man suits from the first 2 movies and “The Avengers”. In the middle of the booth you’ll even see a diorama of a scene from “The Avengers”.

There were also video games at the event too.

EA ( Electronic Arts ) had their booth setup with Battlefield 3, Need For Speed The RUN and Fifa.

While over at the Bandai Namco’s Booth, the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Soul Calibur 5 tournaments happened.

And not to forget there was Cherry Game, featuring the games Dragon Nest SEA and SD Capsule Gundam, to try out on both days.

Cherry Games’ mini stage also features the appearances of a RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Cosplay by Clive.

Let’s take a look at the Graffiti wall. It was crowded, with many showing their talents, covering it with many interesting drawings and sketches. Seems like someone from Ani-Culture has made a quick sketch of something over at the graffiti wall on one of the days.

This year’s guests cosplayers, Jacky, Touya and Hibiki were the center of attraction of many event goers. For Touya and Hibiki, I am very surprised that the both of them were so popular here in Singapore.

Guest performing artist, Piko’s mini-concert at STGCC was also very well received with many of his fans attending. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take images during the mini concert held on the 2nd day.

The Stage area is also crowded as Cosplayers flooded the empty space in between the Stage and the Graffiti wall.

This event also brought in many different illustrators, with a special session titled walk of fame, for fans to meet with their favorite artist. In fact, the walk of fame for many of the invited artist, especially for Noizi Itou turn out to be very long queues on both days.

We at Ani-Culture is lucky to get an interview with Noizi Itou and Touma, here are the links to the individual interviews;

Interview with Touma: http://ani-culture.net/2012/09/sg-stgcc-2012-interview-session-with-touma/

Interview with Noizi Itou: http://ani-culture.net/2012/09/sg-stgcc-2012-spotlight-interview-with-noizi-itou/

The Cosplay Runway on the 2nd day, was very interesting with kinds of cosplays, from Animes, Games and Comics or Mangas. Here are some of the shots from the Cosplay Runway.

The remaining space at Hall C was opened up on both days for Cosplayers to pose and there you can find many cosplayers posing for the photographers and the public.

All in all, this year’s STGCC was a great one. Really enjoyed the 2 day at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center attending this wonderful event.

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