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(With respect to Noizi Itou’s wishes, no photography is allowed)

During the first day of STGCC12 Ani-Culture had a group interview together with Noizi Ito. She also had a stage event on the same day which we went for too.

It was so awesome to meet her in person and I’m sure that those who went for her Spotlight and walk of fame feel the same.

These questions were asked during the stage event. For fans out there who missed out on this, take a look at what was asked.

Spotlight on Noizi Itou

Q: Is this your first time in Singapore?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: What food have you tried out?
A: Yesterday, I had a big crab.

Q: Itou-sensei, which countries have you been to for anime conventions?
A: I have been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, America and France.

Q:Do you see any differences you see between Japan’s conventions as opposed to conventions overseas?
A: I have always been rather skeptical about whether I have any fans overseas and interested in which character do my fans overseas like.

Q: Do you see any difference in reactions from overseas and Japanese fans?
A: I always get the impression that overseas fans are slightly more aggressive compared to Japanese fans. For example, a overseas fan once hugged me.

Q: Have you done any live sketches before?
A: I seldom draw live because I usually draw at alone at home.

During her live sketch, we were able to take a look at what tools she use for her sketches and most are just stationary you can find at normal stores like pencil, pen and markers.

Q: Do you usually start from the head (she starts the current sketch from the head?
A: I usually start of from the head but depending on the character I may start out from the body.

Q: Do you have any favorite hairstyle for a character?
A: Yes, I do have a favorite hair style for my characters; I like my characters to have long hair or a bob style hair.

Q: Have you been this good at drawing since your childhood?
A: I haven’t been this good at art as a child. I usually gets bad grade for art class but I have always enjoyed drawing.

Q: When working at home do you listen to any music?
A: I don’t usually listen to music during work but it all depends on the mood.

Q: Who are you drawing now?
A: I’m drawing an original character for STGCC.

Q: Do you constantly have ideas for new characters in your head all the time?
A: Yes, but some of my ideas are quite bizarre and that is why not many people are going to accept my bizarre ideas and I can’t show that.

Q: What kind of work schedule do you live by? Drawing when you wake up or during the late night?
A: I’m a actually a housewife so when I wake up, I would do my housework first then I would always start drawing from late afternoon.

Q: Do you use any expensive tool?
A: I only uses your everyday kind of pencils and pen.

(During the interview she added that while she does do some in digital, most of her sketching is done mainly in traditional style.)

Q: Beside drawing, what other hobby do you have?
A: I like playing games, shopping and staying at home.

Q: What kind of games do you play?
A: I like to play fighting games and RPG.

Q: Where do your inspiration comes from?
A: From watching anime and normal movie. The Inspirations I got would usually be use for the next character design.

Usually when she works, she would use thicker marker and pencil. But for this event’s live sketch, she was using thinner pencil and marker and going over the line again to make the sketch more solid.

She also mentioned that, even when using the same colour on different part of the sketch, by controlling the pressure used, it can give the part a different kind of texture.

When the sketch was completed, she was asked to name the character and since the character was born in STGCC and in Singapore, she was named Ma-Chan.

After the live sketching, was the fans Q&A. During this session, autograph boards were given out to fans who asked her a question.

Audience Questions:

Q: What tip do you have for drawing manga?
A: When drawing manga, do not just focus on one part of the drawing but do so as a whole for the drawing and when painting, fill in the bigger parts of the drawing with colour to get a better feel of the whole thing.

Q: You mention that you watch anime and movie for inspiration, which anime have you watched and what are you watching nowadays?
A: For now I am not watching any anime but the last anime I watched was Mawaru Penguindrum.

Q: How did you come up with the character design for Shana?
A: I was given the plot of the story, through the plot I am inspired and designed Shana.

Q: What manga do you like and what are you currently reading?
A: I do not have any prefer genre but liked to read more of shoujo and mature manga. Currently I’m following Vagabond.

Q: When you have problem with work, how do you overcome it? What are the recent problems you faced?
A: It was never easy to come out with new character design, especially monsters as I’m not good with them. To solve this problem, I would watch monster movies and go to websites looking for inspirations.

Group interview with Noizi Itou:

We were fortunate enough to secure an interview, thou as a group with other press. Here is a short interview with her.

Q: Do you prefer working on gaming or anime projects?
A: It is hard to chose as both are equally enjoyable but gaming projects can be a little more difficult because with gaming, there are more to draw, like the character moves.

Q: Even with digital design, do you do design with pencil as well?
A: Even now at Sega, everything is done with pencil.

Q: How did vocation school benefit you in the job?
A: I can’t really tell whether it really benefits me or not, it was a place where I was able to practice my drawing and meet a lot of friends. So it was a good experience for me but I can’t tell whether it was really beneficial or not.


Currently Noizi Itou is working on a project for a PS3 game stated to release end of this year titled: Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox by Nippon Ichi (hashtag #kamipara).

Her final message to her fans in STGCC is that she is happy to see so many fans here and she is very grateful and also she looks forward to another opportunites to come to Singapore to meet her fans again.

The Singapore Toy, Game, and Comics Convention is held on the 1st and 2nd of September at the Sand Expo and Convention Hall in Singapore.


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