Back in March this year, both Tueac and I were in Tokyo for 6 days which we did managed to attend a pair of concerts. First being May’n’s Go Around in Yokohama Arena and second was AKB48’s Saitama Super Arena concert.

Acchan’s surprise graduation announcement took the headlines for this concert but let’s not forget the wonderful performances by the girls prior to the bomb shell on the 3rd day.

Boxart of the DVD set.

Typical of their box set nowadays, pack of random photos, photo booklet and the DVD case itself.

Contents of the box set.

DVD case exterior opened up.

The interior, note the discs containing Acchan’s name written across.

Another look inside.

Photo booklet cover.

Day 1 opening act, Give Me Five!

They are playing the song LIVE on that day.

Close up on Acchan and Yuko.



1 favorite point of mine with regards to AKB48 concerts? The unit shuffle. Basically, members will be performing stage unit songs that is not their current stage unit song, which can bring great surprises. Remember Yuko and Mariko Temodemo no Namida in Yokohama Arena 2010? That’s 1 example.

Unit shuffle in day 1.

Nyan performing 夜風の仕業. Best highlight for me in day 1.

Google Plus senbatsu performed for the first time as well.

SDN48 performed for the very last time in a AKB48 concert on day 1.

Overview of Saitama Super Arena, capable of seating over 30,000.

Day 2 shuffle, Nyan & Mariko performing てもでもの涙.

Dear J? No, its Dear Y, Yuko.

真夏のSounds Good performed for the first time on day 2.

Takamina performing Bird, flying through the Saitama Super Arena like a real one.

禁じられた2人 by Acchan and Yuko.

Acchan announcing her graduation.

Right at the end, the current team A and a big smiling Acchan.

What’s exactly in the box, from photos to postcard to the DVDs.

For a whopping price tag of 18k ten, close to S$300 currently, this will probably be heavy for most fans to tank it down. But for those who are able to, this is one concert that a fan must keep Being there on day 1, the surprises from the shuffle was more than sufficient to convince me to get it the moment pre order was available.

Before I forget, if anyone of you interested to purchase this, Amazon JP is having a good discount for this set, saving you a whopping 5k off the total price.

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