SG: Shokotan @ Bugis+

Shoko Nakagawa showing off her 3D Pokemon nail art, when the MC mentioned how cute it is.

August 3rd – Shoko Nakagawa, nicknamed Shokotan made an appearance yesterday at the newly reopened Bugis+(Formerly known as illuma).

Shokotan proudly showing off the autographed photos to be given out to fans.

Shokotan never failed to amaze, making use of the time taken for the translator to work to pose for the many fans with cameras. She even sang a short bit of the mandarin version of Sora Iro Days, wowing the fans and the shoppers in Bugis+.

She is indeed a seasoned performer.

Here is a short clip by Flare, summarizing the stage section of 1 hour plus event that includes a handshake session with Shokotan.

Shoko Nakagawa will be performing at the Kallang Theater on the 4th of August, 8PM as part of her “I am Shoko Nakagawa” Asia Tour 2012.

Tickets can still be bought at Sistic.


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