Shoko Nakagawa’s 1st Asia Tour ‘s Singapore stop have been completed wonderfully, with fans leaving in awe at the 27 year old’s performing prowess. And here, I’ll try my best at recapping the concert in words.   The concert is held on the 4th of August, at the Kallang Theater, one of Singapore’s oldest and most established concert hall in Singapore, thou they just recently finished a series of renovations.

Shoko started the concert rolling with her signature, Sora Iro Days, warming up the crowd with the ground literately shaking, followed by a non-stop entrance into Flying Humanoid. Before stopping for a little MCing to introduce herself. Within the setlist, it contains also some of the most memorable songs of various animes with Saint Seiya’s Pegasus Fantasy Ver.Ω. which rally the crowd once again and starting her medley of covers, from anime, K-On! – Don’t say Lazy, Macross – Seikanhiko, Aquarion – Sō Sei No Aquarion and Haruhi Suzumiya – God Knows.

Then one of her favorites, Cruel Angle Thesis – Evangelion. This is also one of my favorite songs and do note that she is indeed one of the few artist approached by Gainax to sing this song.

The concert then truly moves into Shoko’s home ground with a series of songs from her singles. She sang “Namida no Tane, Egao no Hana” the ending for the theater version of Gekijoban Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Lagann Hen. In one of the songs, she even invited 2 of her “cats” onto the stage.

Yup she sang Cat Life~ Which many of the audiences danced together with.

Other classics include songs like “Calling Location”, “Tyrant Too Young” and ending the main concert with “Tsuogari”, a song inspired by the Eastern Tohoku Earthquake.
During the course of the concert, she changed twice. First just after the 11th song, a non vocal Band performance. And the second during the encore, coming out as the ever popular Hatsune Miku, yes she cosplayed.
And while cosplaying, she sang 2 songs for encore, from Sailor Moon’s “Moonlight Densetsu” and the Chinese version of Sora iro Days.
I personally very much enjoyed the concert but there are some complaints… The bass is very loud marring the overall experiences. In fact some of the ground shaking experiences can be attribute to it…
Maybe someone can enlighten me on why concerts organised by Hong Kong organizers usually comes with very loud bass…
Shokotan will be proceeding to her next and final stop of her 2012, “Hello I am Nakagawa Shoko” Asia Tour, Shanghai, to be held on the 1st of September 2012.
Shoko Nakagawa Hello I am Nakagawa Shoko” Asia Tour 2012 Setlist:
1. 空色デイズ Sora iro Days
2. フライングヒューマノイド Flying Humanoid
3. ペガサス幻想 ver.Ω Pegasus Fantasy Ver.Ω
4. Medley: Don’t say “lazy”(K-On!) + 星間飛行 Seikanhiko(Macross Frontier) + 創聖のアクエリオン Sō Sei No Aquarion (Aquarion) + God Knows… (Haruhi Suzumiya no Yetsu)
5. 残酷な天使のテーゼ Cruel Angel Thesis
6. 涙の種、笑顔の花 Namida no Tane, Egao no Hana
7. CAT Life
8. souffle secret
9. rainbow forecast
10. pretty please chocolate on top
11. ARENA (band solo)
12. TYRANT too young
13. calling location
14. ホリゾント Horizon
15. 続く世界 Tsudzukusekai
16. つよがり Tsuogari
17. ムーンライト伝説 Moonlight Densetsu
18. 空色デイズ-北京語ver.- Sora iro Days Chinese Ver.
Special thanks to Madoka Tan for the Setlist posted on the Facebook event.
Now please enjoy some of the pictures from the concert.
Lastly thank you! Shoko tan, Puffin Entertainment and Sony Music for the extremely pleasurable evening~
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