Anime Festival Asia and  T-Joy, a major Japanese Cinema Complex Operator, will be bringing Afterschool Midnighters to Singapore Cinema, exclusively to Golden Village Cinemas, opening on the 25th of August simultaneously in Japan.

I was invited to attend the Movie’s preview event last Saturday, and I must say, I still have nothing much to say about it, nope too busy laughing away.

Director Hitoshi Takekiyo, the director of the animated comedy is also present during the screen. He shared some foreword before the film started and I should share this with you.

“There is nothing deep to think about in this movie, so please enjoy and laugh out loud when you want too!”

Director Takekiyo with the main character of Afterschool Midnighers Kunstlijk attending Singapore’s Preview event – They are taking pictures with the movie goers~

And I sure heeded his words.

Conclusion, It’s a funny movie, not enough to give you a clamp but will still give you a nice day. It’s also very similar to BRAVE in terms of plot style, a bit cliche but simple.

I would recommend it to you if you like comedies and a healthy dose of laughter~

*Additional Note: Despite the director saying that there’s nothing much to think about… The plot is actually very cleverly linked together via an item, a past and a UFO that didn’t appear much*

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