4th August marks the release of the English version of the Vanguard Booster Pack Volume 3 titled Demonic Lord Invasion. This booster set will be available internationally on the 11th August. I will be reviewing a number of new things introduced in this set.

Without further ado, let us get on with this. In this set,  two new clans are introduced into the game. They are the Pale Moon and Dark Irregulars. The thing that these clans share is that they play around your soul which I will get on to later. This volume will allow you to build the following three new clans’ deck which are the Tachikaze, Pale Moon and Dark Irregulars as their trigger units are being included in this set. For this review, I will just be touching on what I feel is unique about this set.


For Pale Moon, the main play style for this clan revolves around the soul as most of their cards are given the ability to go into soul and take another unit from the soul out into the rearguard circle. This gives the player more than 3 attacking chance per turn.

An example would be Nightmare Doll, Alice. Her ability allows you to move her into the soul to get another Pale Moon unit out into the field other than her when her attack is a success.

Another way of playing around with soul is to have an identity unit in the soul for additional attack power like this card called Crimson Beast Tamer. Her ability is continuous and when there is another of her in your soul, she gains additional 3000 power during your turn.

There is also another grade 1 unit with the same ability as her but instead of herself, she requires Crimson Beast Tamer as well and the unit’s name is Turquoise Beast Tamer. These two cards are recommended in your deck as they can have an attack power of 20000 by supporting each other.

For the grade 3 vanguard of Pale Moon, I would recommend either Barking Manticore or Dusk Illusionist,Robert. Barking Manticore’s effect will need Crimson Beast Tamer to achieve the additional 3000 power during your turn but that can be easily achieved due to its second effect. By riding it as vanguard, you get to draw 1 card and put 1 card from your hand into your soul, thus you can easily place Crimson Beast Tamer into soul. For Robert, you get the same effect as CEO Amaterasu . This allows you to gain more units into your soul for effects like Alice to be effective and also you get to check triggers for your deck. The megablast effect allow you to send all your opponent’s units grade 1 and below into their soul. This can be a double edge sword as even though your opponent field will deplete in support, it will be an advantage for your opponent if he/she is playing any deck that require soul.

For Dark Irregulars, this deck relies on the concept of more soul for more power. A good example for this would be its grade 3 unit called Demon World Marquis, Amon. This unit gets 1000 power for every unit you have in your soul during your turn. By gaining a lot of soul, you can gain a lot of attack power thus draining your opponent’s hand size if he/she try to block your attack. The bad side about this card, it cannot soul charge on its own unless you use its effect which cost you a rearguard unit and also a counterblast.

I would recommend riding Stil Vampir before riding Amon,.  This unit allows you to soul charge and gains 2000 power during that turn.  The megablast for this unit is 1 of the best I have seen so far. It allows you to choose 1 of your opponent’s unit and ride it as vanguard for that turn. If you are lucky, the opponent might even have a grade 0 on the field and you can make him ride that and go for an all out attack during that turn. Another good thing about this effect is that it is active, which means you do not need to attack successfully to activate. This opens up a wealth of situations for this to be used.

In general, most of the Dark Irregulars units have the ability to soul charge on the requirement of playing down another Dark Irregular unit or riding it as a vanguard. This makes soul charging for this deck very easy.

Now for a bit of Tachikaze. This clan’s emphasis is to sacrifice your units for power. An example is this unit called Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex, where you gain power when 1 of your rearguard unit is placed into the drop zone from the field.

Furthermore, from the previous booster volume 1, there is the Tyrant, Deathrex, which gains power of 5000 power but when this card attacks successfully, you have to retire a rearguard. This ability can be sort of a combo that you can try to abuse for more power but it can be very costly to your field.

The last thing I would like to touch on is the superior ride system that this booster introduces. The two clans that can do it are the  Oracle Think Tank and Royal Paladin. I won’t delve into their individual card effect, but their riding effect. The effect is that, during your ride phase, you are able to look at the top of your five cards and choose their next grade unit and ride it directly while you put the rest into the bottom of the deck in any order. There are a few advantages to this. Firstly, you can manipulate your deck in any order for those five cards that you will be sending to the bottom of the deck. Secondly, you get to save a card for riding down, which means a bigger hand size. Lastly, you have a chance to ride up even if you do not have the required card to ride in your hand.

Let me make a conclusion for this review. Pale Moon and Dark Irregulars rely on their soul for their abilities and power. Tachikaze requires you to sacrifice your units for power and can be quite demanding to play. Superior ride is only for Oracle Think Tank and Royal Paladin, which means you are able to get to grade 3 faster than  your opponent. This will ultimately lead to more hand size.

That is for from me for this set’s review. Join me next time for the review of the next booster release. Until then, keep on card fighting!

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