It’s not a manga, but an american comic aka graphic novel that I got for free to read… The first half of the book is already available online for all to read, free.

And it’s really good~

It provides a different theory to the afterlife, something like a mix of angles, reincarnation and God.

Really, you have to spend sometime to read about it.

I personally would like to read the second book, the concluding chapter of the story… But they will be needing some funds to get it going… Via Kickstarter, in fact 250 people have already pledged over 15k in cash… but it’s still a short by a bit and the deadline is the 19th of July. D=

I’ll be contributing my share, but I would really like to spread the word. However do read the first chapter(It’s free) before you decide whether to contribute or not. I’m quite sure you will like it, it’s a very high quality production afterall.

You can find out more about Silver Cord on the following sites,

Official site:
(Download the PDF, CBZ or ISSUU version in the shop tab)

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