Lively and cheerful she is, she made us smile throughout the whole interview! Presenting to Neneko, a Taiwanese Cosplayer.

30th of June, at the Shine Youth Festival’s Cosmo Youth Parade. We had the honor of  interviewing Neneko, in collaboration with 3 other sites, Speedknight, Gordonator and StillAnthony.

And so we shall begin,

Q: We know it’s first time Neneko is in Singapore. What made her want to come to Singapore for Shine Youth Parade as a Cosplay Ambassador?

Ans: I personally, like attending events in other countries because I could learn a lot of things. Therefore when I receive the invitation to this event, I was very excited because I could visit and experience events in another country.

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Q: We know your favourite character is Yui Hirasawa so, Is there any particular reason that your favourite character is Yui Hiraswa?

Ans: I love this character in particular, because she is a very cute character in terms of her clumsiness, also she is a person that will take care of friends, in particular Azusa. But despite her laziness, she’s much like a leader, leading the rest of the characters. She is also a very gentle girl.

Q: Which is your favorite Yui costume, out of all her version you have cosplayed before?

Ans: The school Uniform, because it brings out the character.

Q: Is there any particular meaning for your name neneko?

Ans: This name is actually Japanese, neneko. How it came about is, when I was flipping through the magazine one day, I randomly flip to a page and decided to name myself according to a character I like in that page. Thus I decided on this name from a character in the game called 真实梦境 ( Yumeria ).

Q: How long before, did u name yourself Neneko?

Ans: About 4 yrs ago.

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Q: Any most memorable incident, when you’re cosplaying?

Ans: Yes there is this once, when I am cosplaying in a group, and I really enjoy cosplaying in groups, preparing the costume and props together.

Not to forget, being able to make new friends, that likes the same series of manga and having a discussion on how to cosplay better for a series.

Q: During events, have you met any enthusiastic fans with weird request for Neneko?

Ans: For fans, I usually treat them as friends of the same hobby. If they were to have any weird requests, I wouldn’t become unhappy but I would reject them in a nice and mannered way.

In Taiwan, there are fans that made my t-shirts.

Q: What made you fall in love with cosplay?

Ans: It is due to anime and manga.

Q: How long does it take to complete a full costume, props included?

Ans: Actually, different costume requires different time and taking the details of costume into considerations.

Let’s say, with an elaborate costume with props would take around 1-2 months. And say, a School uniform or Sailor Fuku would take around 1 month with the Wigs trimmed by ourselves.

I’m also learning how to make my own costume because this would speed up the process.

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Q: How about the materials to make the props and costume? Do you source for them yourself?

Ans: Sometimes I would ask friends on how to find and make. And some times I would go to shops to find relevant materials and make something out of it.

Q: Any advise for those interested to start cosplaying or existing cosplayers?

Ans: Actually I find that main thing about cosplay is to experience and get involve in props making.

It’s aright that you don’t know how to make costume but one should still research and understand more of the character, they are cosplaying.

What I would suggest to cosplayer would be to make your own costume/props and research on the character that you are cosplaying. You will get more than just asking around.

Q: In anime, there’s a kind of character that is hot tempered on the outside but gentle on the inside(Tsundere). Do you see yourself as one?

Ans: Have I cosplay such character before?

Q: How about  in real life?

Ans: Do you think I’m an such person?

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Q: You don’t look like one. But if asked to do a tsundere character would you consider?

Ans: If I like the character I would, and I would also mimic the character’s personality

Q: So till now have you cosplay such a character?

Ans: Does the word means 傲娇?

Q: In Japanese it is call Tsundere, a famous example would be Shana from Shakugan no Shana. These characters are usually very mean to the protagonist.

Ans: Yes, I cosplay such characters before and quite frequently. I did Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. So this is the type of character right?

Q: How do you choose what kind of characters to cosplay?

Ans: More importantly I would look at how this character is portrayed, and which part of the character attract me most to cosplay.

Also I’ll look at unique point of the character that attracts me.

Q: Of all the characters you cosplayed before, which one do u think is the most challenging?

Ans: The most difficult character I have cosplay before is Alice Fayne from Queen’s Gate.

*takes out psp and show character*

Initially, it’s a card game then it was developed into a video game. This character’s unique point is the gun, shaped like Rambo’s knife. The leather and belts she wear all have to custom made since it couldn’t be bought outside.

This character also have a very long tail.

Q: So this character has a lot of details to look out for?

Ans: Yes, this character has quite a lot of details to look out for.

Q: So you love this character a lot?

Ans: Yes, I love this character a lot, I even asked my friends going to Japan to buy this character’s merchandise because, some can only be found in Japan.

Taiwan don’t have a lot of their merchandise and I collect a lot of their merchandise. There is even a novel published base on this series, not many people know of it because it’s only available in Japan.

Q: Do you have any characters that you hope to cosplay? Or is it still a secret?

Ans: No, its not a secret. I actually liked the “Queen’s Blade” series a lot and the characters usually have a lot of weapons and armor.

The characters inside also wears very sexily so when making the armor for cosplay, I have to take note, for it have to be fitting, with a lot of details to figure out and every character a unique point.

I wish to cosplay the more matured characters inside but because my features don’t suit the characters inside, I’m worried people might find it not sexy or seductive enough.

Maybe 10 years later, I shall attempt this series of cosplay.

Q: Usually when you cosplay what are the details that you particularly watch out for?

Ans: I will observe and research on the characters movement and actions. I will also practice at home the actions and movement and even dance if the character dances.

For example, this time I will be cosplaying Tsukihi Araragi from Bakemonogatari and will be dancing, so I practiced at home.

For the costume no matter how simple it is, I would always look out for the details and cutting. Also not forgetting wig and make up. Basically I am very particular in almost every part of the costume and character.

Q: Do you have any tips for cosplayers to maintain their skin despite the heavy makeup used every time they are cosplaying?

Ans: I feel, the main thing is to take care of your well being and have enough rest else you might end up with a big pimple.

Like last week I went to the recording of a Taiwan show with a big pimple and neither make up nor editing could help because it’s a show recording. That is why I think taking care of yourself is the most important.

Thank you for your time today Neneko!

Here is a video of video of the interview via Still Anthony, but it’s generally in Chinese.

A BIG Thanks to Neneko for her time, Gordonator, Speedknight, and Still Anthony for the fun Interview. A special thank you to the organizers of this year’s SHINE Youth Festival and Cosmo Youth Parade.

Hope you like this interview.

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