Yearly at the closing of Singapore’s SHINE Youth Festival, some youths are highlighted at the event for their accomplishments, some for selflessness, and some for their perseverance.

This year is no different, with 3 amazing youths being awarded the SHINE 2012 Award.

They are Colin Wan Wei Hong, Jonathan Ng and Sarethkumar s/o Kunasilan, each with a story to tell.

The award this is year is given by Justine Lee, the founder of Soule Apparels. Or more famously known for his Buy 1 give 1 concept, which benefited 309 School Children in Linchang China.

He also shared his experiences for the past year after receiving the award at the closing ceremony. Also he presented the award to Ms. Choo Pei Lin, as the favourite SHINE Nominee, winning the award with over 3000 votes.

The ceremony is also attended by the Acting Minister, Community Development, Youth and Sports and Chairman, National Youth Council, Mr. Chan Chun Sing.

It’s just so inspiring to hear such stories, especially since this year, a fellow hobbyist(thou of a different kind) is awarded for his passion and love for his hobby.

Do continue below to read the stories of the winners for the SHINE 2012 Award.

SHINE 2012 Award Press Release,


Colin Wan Wei Hong, Singapore Street Festival Youth Leader

Colin discovered Yo-Yos in his teenage years. It was an interest that eventually
evolved into a passion after he won the Duncan National Yo-Yo Championships
in 1997. Despite the yo-yo craze waning in the late 90s, a group of aficionados
remained passionate about spinning, leading to the formation of Spinworkx.
Since 2003, Spinworkx has been reaching out to schools, conducting
workshops and classes to share the fun and challenge of mastering the many
tricks of spinning, and receiving excellent reviews from organisers and
participants alike. The philosophy behind Spinworkx is to provide the platform
to promote and encourage spinning yo-yos as a fun, challenging and
convenient alternative sport.
What inspired Colin was the pleasure and privilege of witnessing many youths,
who started out completely new to spinning, progress to become world-class
yo-yo champions. These youths have won important regional competitions,
including the Yo-Yo World Championship in 2011.
Colin said, “Enjoy the new face of a retro skill toy and most of all enjoy
discovering another facet of yourself. The journey may be more rewarding than
you think.”

Jonathan Ng Jun Hui, Advocate for Youth Advolution for Health

Jonathan faced tremendous challenges in his growing up years with his mother
diagnosed with cancer. An aimless individual then, he turned to alcohol and
tobacco for comfort. He lost his mother in 2008. Her last words – “You’ve got
only one life. If you want to change others, change yourself first” – motivated
him to change, but it was only after he faced another loss when his best friend
committed suicide that he decided to take stock of his life and change for the
Despite being diagnosed with kidney failure, he managed to pass his N-levels
and was among the first batch of students to be posted to ITE College East’s
Community Care and Social Services course.
He currently sits on several committees: Assistant Children’s Programme
Secretary in the Yew Yee CC Youth Executive Committee; President of the ITE
College East (Simei) Community Service Club; Director for Marketing in the
Youth Advolution for Health Exco FY2011; Health Ambassador of I Quit club
since June 2011; and Member of the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or
Health Pre Conference Organising Committee. He is also an active health 5
advocate with Health Promotion Board to encourage smokers to lead a smokefree healthy lifestyle.
His advice to the youths who are trying to quit smoking, “Never give up trying to
quit for good! You have but one life. Live it!”

Sarethkumar s/o Kunasilan, volunteer mentor at SINDA

Coming from a single parent family after the loss of his father at 15 years old,
Sarethkumar worked hard to carve a new beginning for himself and his family.
He won a scholarship under Association of Singapore Maritime Industries with
Singapore Technologies Marine, and was sent on a prestigious overseas work
attachment in the United Kingdom. He also bagged the Outstanding Academic
Award, the Gold Award for Co-Curricular Activities and the RINA-KEPPEL
Student Naval Architect Award.
Inspired to help other youth, he became a volunteer mentor with SINDA, and
encouraged youths to build perseverance and confidence.
He believes that every youth is like an archaeological site, with each having his
or her treasures, yet to be discovered by even themselves, let alone others.
Through mentoring, he hopes to assist the youths to realise and harness their
potential in order to be a thoughtful and purposeful youth in the community.


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