Do not be mislead by this image, it’s not a fashion show or fashion design contest, this dress is mean for someone much more delicate than us with a human body ^^;

It is Hong Kong’s Dollism Plus event! ヘ(^_^ヘ)

The Dollism Plus event have been held in Hong Kong once per year since 2005. The event is well known globally, and is participated by doll owners from all around the world.

This year’s Dollism Plus was held in KITEC, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre. One of our writer who is in love with dollfie dream, or we can said “poisoned” by dollfies went for this event that happened on 7th and 8th July, along with other Dollfie Dream owner from Singapore and Malaysia.

Not just dollfie dream, there are others types of ball joint dolls in the event too, from Super Dollfie, Dollfie Dream, Mini Dollfie dream to Blythe.

During the event, there are over hundreds of booths, not just to display dolls but also sells handmade clothes for dolls.

It was just like Shibuya 109 for dolls in Dollism Plus! ^^;

*Editor: A better comparison of activities would be like wonderfes but only for dolls and not as big… obviously*

Just check out the crowds and how nice of them to actually queue up before the start of the event.

Psst -> it’s wrong to let these little ones stand on the floor like this, we ended up blocking the walkway and get scolded (>_<。)

Here are some very nice dress and dolls found in the event hall.

A very detail workmanship on this dress.. and the price for it is reasonably high.

*WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT???* is what she wants to say.

Pajama party? (*´∀`*)

Guess who? I bet many of you gonna scream over this~

*Come to me~*

For the first glance I thought I saw AKB48 here, but pwhattt??!! Σ(゜ロ゜;)

Dollfie World’s booth, a well known brand, that supply doll and accessories, most of the dollfie dream owners are putting their loved ones on display in this booth during HKDP.

There was a medical team too, they will give u an injection if you feel tired or fatigue.

Some other lovely doll spotted~

One of the attractions during the event, the bride Sasara Dollfie Dream. Her dress is awesome in a way that the dress is sew by her owner.
*I hope I can sew a dress for my little one too…*

Lovely Couple eh?

My favourite doll, lovely Rina from White Album~

Little Kung Fu Master, don’t play play~

Hong Kong Dollism Plus is an event for doll owners to actually meet up and not get embarrassed for adopting a doll.

Adopting a doll does not meant using him/her to show off, it’s meant for to be treated as your real child. Maybe this is a good way for you to prepare before you get marry and have a child eh. (⌒_⌒;)

Writer’s note

Allow me to introduce my little one here, she went to the HKDP with me and managed to burn my pocket like a boss, for her new dresses and shoes. oTL

*WATCHAAAAAA!!! chinese kung fu getto!*

It an honor that I got Alvin from bring me around during the trip. It was fun to play with Yu-Chann and Moe-chan during the trip!

If happens that I missed out some interesting stuff during HKDP, I am very sorry that I’m unable to bring you all the awesome scene. Afterall the event was just too big and too much fun as well! >.<

Do check out more photos here,

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