30th June marks the release of the Cardfight! Vanguard English version of extra booster Vol 3: Cavalry of Black Steel. This booster will be released this week, on 7th july, internationally so I hope you will look forward to it.

For this volume, it not only feature the power up cards for the Gold Paladin, Spike Brothers and Mega Colony. At the same time, it also includes limit break effects for Royal Paladin, Kagero and, the upcoming clan, Shadow Paladin. Without any further waiting, let us delve into some of these cards.

For this volume, I will be touching on the few core cards that you will be interested in if you played any of the clans mentioned above.

For starters, we shall look at Gold Paladin. In this volume, there is also a new starter for the new play style of the Gold Paladin clan. You can now retire your rearguard on the field to summon a better unit or just to make another attack for your grade 3 limit break.

For your grade 0, you can now use the Black Dragon Whelp, Vortimer. As for this, you will need to ride the unit accordingly in order to achieve the effect for this combo. For your grade 1 and 2, you would use the Scout of Darkness, Vortimer, and Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer. Their effect, if ridden correctly, allows you to look at the top 2 cards of your deck by retiring 1 of your rearguard on the field. From there, you can choose up to 2 Gold Paladins and put them down onto empty rearguard circles on your field. A good way to build up your field in my opinion.

For your grade 3, you have the Spectral Duke Dragon. The limit break allows you to be able to stand again by retiring 3 rearguard units and counter blasting 2. You do lose the twin drive ability but you are still able to trigger check once. What most people do is that they will add whatever trigger power they have to this unit. This is to let it gain more power for his second attack as your support is now in rest position, therefore it cannot help boost your vanguard’s power for the second attack.

For Megacolony, you have the Martial Arts Mutant, Master Beetle, as your grade 3 with limit break. For this effect, it is not very powerful but it still allows you to keep your opponent’s rearguard stay rested until the next stand phase of your opponent. This will prevent your opponent from doing high power damage the next turn and if your opponent wants to replace those cards in rest, he/she will have to use cards from their hand resulting in decrease of hand size.

For spike brother, the new grade 0 Smart Leader, Dark Bringer, appeals to me as the effect allows you to choose 1 Spike Brother from your hand to play into the rearguard circle. However, the effect didn’t mention what grade, you can even call down a grade 3 if you want. What I would recommend is calling down Juggernaut Maximum as it has a power of 11 000 and with its own effect, it can boost to 16 000 as you have the soul to pay for the effect when your Dark Bringer goes into soul.

For your grade 3, you have the Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor. The limit break is that you have to soul charge 2 cards from your hand and counter blast 2 to activate. However, with the soul charge 2, you can activate the effect of Juggernaut Maximum for another two more times. What would be a perfect field for this situation is that you have 2 Juggernaut Maximum on the field. You attack with them first to get them into your deck and then by using your limit break, you call them out again onto the field to attack again. If you add in the power of trigger, they can hit a total of 21000 each which is quite painful and this totals up to 5 attack in that 1 turn, which will definitely decrease your opponent hand size like crazy.

Now for the 3 new limit break cards for the current two clans and upcoming clan. First off, we have the Royal Paladin which is the White Dragon Knight, Pendragon. This limit break allows you to look at the top 5 card of your deck for a grade 3 unit to ride on top. This is a good card if you have trouble riding your other grade 3 if they did not come to your hand.

For Shadow Paladin, you have the Origin Mage, IIdona. This card follows the normal play style of Shadow Paladin of retiring your rearguard for more power or ability, which the new play style of Gold Paladin is following. For this effect, you can use it to gain 2 additional cards but at the cost of 2 counter blast and retiring 2 rearguards. It is not that good of an effect but it helps you to gain hand so that you can have more guard to use when your opponent is attacking.

Lastly, for Kagero, you have the Dragonic Lawkeeper. Your limit break allow you to bind all your opponent’s rearguard and making him unable to intercept. This means that you should concentrate all your attacks on his vanguard. The second part of the effect is good only if your opponent have a full field as he is only able to choose up to 4 to put back into the rearguard circle, which means that 1 rearguard would be retired permanently for a full field. An important thing to take note is that when using this effect, those effects that activate when a rearguard is called will apply as the units were moved from the bind zone to the rearguard circle.


This is all I have for this volume. Next volume that will be released is the booster pack Vol 3: Demonic Lord Invasion, which includes Dark Irregulars, Pale Moon, Tachikaze, Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Nova Grappler, Dimension Police and Kagerō. The release date is August 4th for Singapore and August 11 for international. Then, it will be the Booster Pack Vol 7: Rampage of the Beast King and finally the one which I personally play, Extra Booster Pack Vol 2: Banquet of Divas, which comes this Fall. I hope that you will look forward to their releases.

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