On the 2nd of June, 10.30 in the morning, which it’s the time I always wake up  every Saturday, but today it’s something special… I’ve just stepped on the floors Dunman High School noting that I have reached the event ground for the Japanese Arts Fiesta II ( or JAF II ).

So, it was straight to the reception counter, for the goodie bags! Umm.. I mean registration for the event!

It’s 11.00 am and we already have a long queue at the entrance of the event itself! 

The queue at the entrance

So, We are finally down to the event,

Main attractions of this event are the Haunted House and the TokiDoki meido/shitsuji cafe.

The queue outside the Cafe at noon... There's actually more!

Queue at the Haunted House after their break time,

At the entrance of the Haunted House

The cafe was a great one I would say, the maids and butlers really did their best serving the customers at the event! For the haunted house, It was pretty good down there too! If I could have the chance, I would actually give a few more trips back to these two attractions!

We have also many cosplayers posing around the event area. Wow, there are really wonderful cosplayers whom appear at this event!

There are booths too at this event! ;

Recommended for those who are starving!

Hmm... Wonder what games are there?

Lesson In Progress~ Do not disturb!

Anyone can tell me what's this?

We have spotted some lovely nendoroids and other materials up on sale too!

Which is on sale? Figures or Camera?

Claris "Birthday" Poster spotted !

Manga and Anime booth, if I had time, I would actually give a try at the graffiti wall here!

The graffiti wall is adorned by many drawings!

Artist at work - Guess what's he drawing?

My personal favorite on this side of the wall got to be the Miku!


There were concerts going on at the Auditorium and at the Hall.



There was also the cosplay competition at the hall in the later part of the afternoon.

The panel of Judges for the cosplay competition.

Here are some pictures of the contestants of the Cosplay Competition.

This one's from Super Sentai Go-Busters

Hatsune Miku giving a smile and pose for the cameras!

Inori and Shu from Guilty Crown, Any Guilty Crown Fans here?

Characters from Bleach, really wonderful poses they made

another Bleach cosplay pose.. this one's... Wow

Here are the wonderful participants of the JAF cosplay competition!

The cosplay competition was wonderful, love the different poses they portray of the characters they are cosplaying!

There were a few more singing performances are right after the cosplay competition.

Supporters waving and singing along!

The performances by the different aspiring artists, really made me go wow when they sing. I wonder how long do they take to practice on a song and how long do they take to actually train up their vocals…

And then the event  at a close, right after the performances…

A sign showing a “closed” TokiDoki cafe, towards the end of the event.


Well, Its back to the holding room as the event has come to a close. It was fun being there at the event!


I would thank Dunman High School for organizing such a wonderful event and inviting Ani-Culture to be a media partner of the event! Big thank you to you guys.















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