Just like a regular June 10 Sunday weekend. Shoppers crowded into Osaka’s Shinsaibashi a well known district in the city for fashion & entertainment. Has ended the day with horror, shocking & sadness.

Shingo Minamino who worked on the music of Kanako Itou, Super Sonico, Pale Green (Seiji Kumura), Vertueux (Ken1& Hideki), Swinging Popsicle, Daiichi Uchū Sokudo, DJ Sadoi, CurriculuMachine, and others. He was on his way to visit the evening’s “Georide 5th Anniversary Special Tour 2012” live concert event at the Osaka Muse hall.

Kyozo Isohi, 36

Nitroplus Music’s Producer Shingo Minamino, 42 has passed away after being attacked on the streets by a 36 year old jobless man named Kyozo Isohi. Following that an elderly lady in her 60s was also a victim in the stabbing. Both victims were rushed to the hospital but both succumbed to their wounds.

The police has arrested Kyozo Isohi according to the police, the suspect did not know the two victims. He said that he was thinking of commiting suicide, but would kill someone with the knife he purchased near the location before ending his life. According to the investigation, the suspected added that anyone could have been his victim.

On behalf of his fans in the world, we would like to take the chance here to thank him for the great works he has done. And our condolences to his family and friends. You may be gone but your music lives on.

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