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Just visited Multi Toyfair 2012 at Grand City Mall, Surabaya yesterday and took some photos so you guys can see what’s going on at the fair. It started yesterday and will last till this Sunday, 10 June. I remember there was a similar fair last year which was quite successful. So, let’s check it out~!

Multi Toyfair is jointly organized by Multi toys-games-hobbies Store and E Organizer. Not only are there toy booths, there are events like Kamen Rider Live Action,  performed by local cosplayers on Fridays from 7PM till 8PM, a Cosplay Competition on the province level, Yo-Yo Amazing Performance, Street Fighter IV and Tekken VI’s Game Tournaments, and Take Sogo Budo Aiki-Jujitsu Martial Arts Performance. I have yet to receive the rundown for the remaining days so will update the post later but here is yesterday’s schedule:

Monday, 4th June 2012
4PM – 6PM Kinect Time
6PM – 7PM Opening Toyfair by MC
7PM – 8PM Cosplay Show
8PM – 9PM Toy Quiz
9PM – 10PM Interview with Collector 1

Here are some photos from day one:

The Toyfair Area

The Fair is located at the Atrium of Grand City Mall, Surabaya. As you can see, the fair is not that big, consisting around 15 small booths selling a variety of toys. I was arrived quite early so there were not that many people at that point. Although, I did spot some cosplayers walking around.

Parents enthusiastically taking photos of their children with Kamen Rider cosplayers. The Kamen Riders and Sentai Series are popular here in Indonesia and seem to be accepted very well.

Now for the booth photos- not many as they were not finished with displaying all the goodies.

Delicious Goodies are waiting to be snatched~! *I mean bought*

Many small random figures spotted on one desk.

Spotted my friend's booth which is still waiting their goodies to be delivered

Multi Toys Store's booth is quite packed. Some Gacha Machines in the back too.

You will definitely be spoiled with all the choices! You can not only find more conventional western toys like the Marvel and DC series figures, Hotwheels, R/C Cars and Helicopters, but Japanese goodies like Nendoroids, Figmas and PVCs too- some on sale at a pretty good price. If you are lucky, you might just find some ‘treasure’. *I snatched a bargin Kagura Aya Morning Coffee Figma * last year!

Danboard Cosplay is today's main attraction!

I met a pretty awesome Danboard Cosplayer too! My friend noticed a certain Korean Electronic Manufacturer logo at the back side of the head but let’s just put that aside. The Danboard was a star attraction and it took me quite awhile to snatch one photo for myself.

Nothing interesting here... Move along, move along~

Well that’s it from me at the moment. I will revisit the fair before heading to Kuala Lumpur for Anime Festival Asia Malaysia. Sadly, I will not be able to attend the Cosplay Competition and other events. So if you do have time to spare, do visit~! There’s no fee too! Do say hello to me if you spot me!

P.S. Sorry that the photo’s watermark says “2011”. I used my old notebook to process the photos and forgot to update it. They were really taken yesterday~!

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