In what I believe is the first since the founding of a AKB48. Fans in the thousands, in Japan and around the world are gathering on chatrooms and forums to discuss and compare the “evidences” provided by a 3rd rated Japanese tabloid for a recent scandal involving Sashihara Rino, nickname Sashi.

And the results so far have been very positive, with many concluding that the so called evidences are either not her, fake or pulled from Sashi’s blog, along with the many inconsistencies in the article’s content.

Many have participated in the search, Antis, causal fans and hardcores alike. And most seemed convinced that the article is wrong on many accounts.

Objective members of 2ch coming with a conclusion that Sashihara might really have befriended many of her fans and thus is unable to construct a straight denial of not knowing the alleged “boyfriend”.

Source: as well as a few threads on 2ch. 

More information on the scandal:

The recent scandal alleged that Sashi have a number of ex-boyfriends, and this one, a 16 year old “handsome” Johnny idol look alike, was one of them. This handsome ex-boyfriend revealed having sex with the then 15 year old Sashi and usually on her insistence.

Sashi on the other hand admitted knowing the person, and is just friend. In fact she was asked about it earlier without reading the article, acknowledge their friendship. While her agency Ohta pro seem to have denied the scandal.

Previously there is also another incidence where an AV actress is mistaken as Sasshi.

Looks like Sashihara’s Anti is out to get her… … especially after she got 4th in the recent AKB48 General Election for the 27th Single.

But still action have been taken by Akimoto Yasushi Sensei, AKB48’s producer. She will be transferred to HKT48, based in her home state of Kyuushu, reasoning that this is not as a punishment  but a reset for Sashihara Rino.

Footage of the announcement will be aired on the 19th of June on Kayoukuoku, the music lifestyle show.

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All I can say and will say to Sashihara Rino, Soredemo Sukidayo!

P.S.: Sorry if you have waited so long for a post… But most of the writers are currently busy especially me… Since i”m out of the country for work… hope you understand and Thanks for the support!

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