In 2008, the renowned music producer and composer, Ms Yuki Kaijura, bought together three female vocalists- Keiko Kubota, Wakana Ootaki and Hikaru to form the group “Kalafina”.

Originally created to record the opening for “Kara no Kyokai/The Garden of Sinners” , they have since gone on to perform songs for other Anime series, notably “Magica” for “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and “To the beginning” for “Fate/Zero”.

In their first debut in the South-East Asian region at Anime Festival Asia 2011, they dazzled the audience with their beautiful voices and grace. And just barely half a year later, they have returned to the region to perform at the inaugural Anime Festival Asia Malaysia. was fortunate to be granted our second interview with the songstresses, and even so, this writer found it hard to suppress the excitement of having the opportunity to meet them face-to-face again. After all, their music is just awesome.

While we were not able to spend as much time as we had wanted with them, we hope our readers will enjoy what we have for you!

For those who missed out on our first interview with the group, you can read it here!


Tama-tan: Before I begin, let me express my admiration for a wonderful concert at Anime Festival Asia 2012, I was simply blown away by your performance!

Kalafina: Thank you!

Tama-tan: This is your first time performing in Malaysia, so could we ask what do you hope for your fans to take away from your concert tonight?

Kalafina : We are pretty excited for our first visit to Malaysia, and while we are concerned with how the locals will respond to our music, we will definitely give our best for our first performance at the Anime Festival Asia Malaysia Super Genki Ani-Song Concert and hope everyone will enjoy it.

Tama-tan: With regards to group’s creator and composer, Ms Yuki Kajiura, her songs seem to be able to invoke powerful feelings within the listener, could you perhaps tell us a bit about your own personal feelings while performing her compositions?

Kalafina: Each song we perform has its own unique emotions, and we always try to adjust our personal emotions and feelings to match each song and the given situation. For instance, while recording “To the beginning” for the Anime “Fate/Zero”, we sung it in a calm and composed manner (to match the theme of the Anime), but when comes to performing it live, we try to sing it in a more passionate way.

(Writer’s note: In the actual AFA MY Super Genki Ani-song concert, Kalafina, performed “To the Beginning” in very high spirits and pushed the energy of the song to the next level, as opposed to the somber mood of the Anime version, much to the exhilaration of the audience.)

Tama-Tan: It has been said that “Music is a universal language”, do you think it holds true to your music, especially with those who do not speak Japanese?

Kalafina : While we have performed in many countries (with different languages and cultures) , we notice that the deep emotions embedded in Ms Yuki Kajiura’s compositions have the power to transcend boundaries, and connect with audiences around the world.

Tama-tan : Do you have any messages for your fans in Malaysia?

Kalafina: Although it is our first time in Malaysia, and it is our first performance here, we sincerely hope that our music will able be able to connect with the audience and for everyone to enjoy the concert alongside us.

Writer’s personal note: While this is the second time I have the opportunity to interview Kalafina, I was honestly very nervous during the whole session. (My hand was trembling in fact…(*/∇\*))

Super Genki Ani-song Concert

Just look at how they perform with full powaaaa during the concert! \( ` ∀´)/

While Kalafina came on last for the first day’s concert, I certainly felt they were a fitting if not speculator finishing act! Like the Singapore act, they opened with a powerful rendition of “Magica” from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, sending the crowd into absolute euphoria! They kept the pace of the concert going with more trademark songs like “Lacrimosa” from “Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler” and “Sprinter/ARIA” from “Kara No Kyoukai”.

I specially enjoyed the light hearted moments in between the songs, where the girls asked the audience for their recommendations for the best local desserts. Of note, they discussed their favorite characters from Fate/Zero- Hikaru likes Saber, Keiko likes Rider while Wakana likes Kiritsugu!

As a special treat, Kalafina ended the concert with non other than “to the Beginning”, and I can confidently say that hearing it live is an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life, or…at least till I see them again! will be releasing our next interview with KOTOKO in a few days, so please look forward to it!

We would like to thank Dentsu Malaysia, SOZO and Anime Festival Asia for their assistance throughout our coverage of AFA Malaysia.

All Concert Photos Courtesy of Anime Festival Asia Malaysia.

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