Yes! More details are out for the Japanese Arts Fiesta II ( or JAF II ) !

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 2nd June 2012

Time: 11:00am-7:30pm

Venue: Dunman High School (DHS), 10 Tanjong Rhu Road, (S) 436895

**About JAF

Japanese Arts Fiesta, or JAF, is an annual Japanese culture-themed event aimed at educating the public about the traditional as well as the pop culture of the Japanese society, together with providing a platform for all those who love Japanese culture in Singapore to gather and share the joy. All are welcomed to bask in the atmosphere of amusement and enjoyment.

JAF was first initiated by the students of Dunman High School’s Anime Comics and Gaming Club in 2011 as a charity cultural event in partnership with Children’s Cancer Society. With the reins passed on to the newly formed Yutaka Japanese Cultural Club (DHS YJCC) in 2012, this year marks the return of JAF2 with a larger play area and more entertaining attractions, including a Haunted House.

So I heard there’s going to be many very interesting activities happening over at the event itself, and that’s absolutely true! Here’s the list of events happening at JAF!

What’s hot at JAF II?


• Appearance by Guest Judges Raistlin and Aya.

• Their very own Haunted House!

• Toki Doki Meido/Shitsuji Café, with our cute maids!

• A full day of music performances by local bands and individuals
that have auditioned

• Cosplay Runway Competition

• Inkimashou, the Manga drawing competition for the artistically

• JAF Photo Studio, in cooperation with DHS’s Photography Club
and Canon

• Cultural and Traditional Games Booth, where you can learn more
about the rich Japanese Culture

• Original Art, Anime and Cosplay merchandise booth

• Take photos and interact with our JAF mascots, Toki and Doki !

• Graffiti wall for all the doodles and more

More further details on the activities:

Themed Café: Toki Doki Meido/Shitsuji (Maid/Butler) Café

A Meido/Shitsuji (Maid/Butler) themed café will be set up within
the premises of JAF. Meido/Shitsuji cafés are extremely popular within
youth groups, especially so for Japanese pop culture fans. Toki Doki
Café promises a relaxing, fun experience for all customers with its
friendly atmosphere and attractive meidos and shitsujis (girls dressed
as Japanese maids and boys dressed as butlers)! It will definitely be an
unforgettable visit and experience! The cafe will showcase the Japanese
sub-culture and aim to promote it to the customers; we hope to arouse
interest in visitors towards different aspects of Japanese culture. While
promoting Japanese sub-culture, the café also provides a resting place
for visitors. So why not come down to the Café to experience the

Check out their fanpage:

Haunted House

The haunted house is a popular attraction traditionally found in
most Japanese school festivals, it would be a pathway built between
many objects meant to scare the walker. JAF2’s own haunted house promises to be an experience you’ll never forget, one that leaves you
wanting more after finishing the course! Two learning centres in DHS
will be transformed into a ghoul infested area. However, instead of the
usual Halloween favourites like vampires, zombies and werewolves,
expect other horrors from Asian folklores as well as unique and creative
ways to scare visitors. You will never know what lurks within till you
venture in!

Music performances by local bands and individuals

Music is a great way of expressing ourselves. Some of the best
local bands and singers who are very passionate about music will be
showcasing their talents in musical performances in the JAF. Moreover,
viewing the performances will be a great way to relax and chill-out with
friends! Be sure to experience the vibrancy and liveliness of the musical

Cosplay Competition

Cosplay, short for “costume play” is a type of sub-culture
performance art centred on role play where people dress up in
costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea in a
comic or animation. The cosplay runway competition will allow
cosplayers to showcase their creativity, passion and talent for cosplaying
and the characters. Participants will pit their cosplaying skills against one
another, putting up an exciting and beautiful runway performance for
the audience!

Inkimashou, the Manga drawing competition

Inkimashou will be a manga drawing completion catered for the artistically inclined. Participants will put their talents and skills to the
test while doing what they love, drawing!

JAF Photo Studio, in cooperation with DHS’s Photography Club
and Canon

The photo studio will be the place where visitors can get their
photos taken by Dunman High School’s very own trained photographers
as a souvenir, commemorating their visit to the Japanese Arts Fiesta for
a small fee. A studio with proper lightings will be set up. Under
collaboration with Canon and Fujifilm, photos are sold in the form of
wallet-sized sticker or Polaroid. To complement the Japanese Cultural
theme of the arts fiesta, the photobooth will be decorated with the
theme of Death Note, the most popular teenage anime, manga and
drama of 2011, in mind.

Cultural and Traditional Games Booths

This is where the general public can learn more about and
experience the rich Japanese Culture in a fun and interactive manner
through hands-on activities. The booths will be educational yet fun and
enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds! A visit to these booths
will definitely be a fruitful and memorable one!

Original Art, Anime and Cosplay merchandise booth

Visitors can purchase some merchandise related to Japanese
culture and sub-culture at affordable prices. These merchandises can
serve as a souvenir of your visit to the Japanese Arts Fiesta.

Graffiti Wall

A graffiti wall is a perfect platform for visitors to unleash their
creative talents! It incorporates the Manga (Japanese comic) and
animation part of Japan’s culture, or the “Otaku” culture. The graffiti
wall will be a platform for Manga fans and “Otakus” to interact in a free
and easy setting. Come down to interact with the “Otakus” and view the masterpieces of the talented artists!

JAF mascots, Toki and Doki

Our mascots will be led by two ‘dangos’ (candy); named Toki
(male) and Doki (female). When the names are put together, it creates
the familiar sound of a heart-beat, “Toki-Doki”. This showcases our
passion towards Japanese culture. Two of our club members will be
dressing up as Toki and Doki and will interact with visitors! Visitors
regardless of age will be sure to enjoy the interaction with our mascots.

Wow! What a list of very interesting events that are going to happen this Saturday at JAF! So, there’s a cosplay competition? Hmm, and the panel of judges for the cosplay competition for this event looks very exciting! Here are the some information of the Judges that will be at the competition!

Cosplay Competition Judges

Judges Raistlin & Aya

Adding glitz and glamour to JAFII this year is cosplayer duo Raistlin and
Aya. One of the pioneers of the cosplay scene in Singapore, Raistlin
and Aya has participated in numerous cosplay competitions and has
emerged as the winning team multiple times.

With their painstakingly designed costumes and performances, Raistlin
and Aya have won over the hearts of many cosplayers. To find out more
about them, head over to their galleries and blogs!



Judge Lawliet

Lawliet boasts a huge repertoire of roles in her cosplay experience,
displaying her versatility and adaptability in portraying roles of both
genders. Despite her apparent childish looks, she is serious when it
comes down to her passion.

Judge Xrystal

Xrystal is both charming and daring, traits which complement her wide
range of choices in her costumes. Her expressiveness is captivating to
her audiences as she immerses herself fully into each character.

Judge RainerTachibana

RainerTachibana often appears as characters that are well-known for
their strength, calmness and collectedness. Standing tall and with pride,
she enacts the very essence of maturity and steadfastness which would
certainly be mesmerising to all.

Some Posters Of What’s happening ! :

Games and Cultural Booth

Toki Doki Maid and Butler Cafe

Haunted House

Pics of the Judges of the JAF II Cosplay Competition

The Maids and Butlers from the Toki Doki Meido/Shitsuji Café !

Cafe Maids: Emi, Yami, Mika, Akane

Cafe Maids: Yori, Yume , Shion , Rika

The Butlers, Kai and Yuu

The Maids and Butlers in Chibi form

With that, Hope to see you guys at JAF this Saturday!

Signing Off!
K_Ryuuji★ (^.^)/~~~



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