Sashihara Rino, AKB48 member, might have accidentally be the first AKB48 member to release an album due to a mis-understanding of rules leading to a cock-up by Avex Japan.

It’s revealed late yesterday that the theater(Type-D) version of Sashihara Rino’s Soredemo Sukidayo Single failed to meet Oricon’s standard as a single. Since it contains more than 4 songs and can be considered an album.

Avex management thought it would be ok to include the 5th song, Yeah! Mecha Holiday, a cover of Aya Matsuura’s 6th single, as a theater exclusive, since it can be considered a extra.

Sales of the theater version amount to about 12,000 copies on the debut day, easily getting 1st if considered in the Albums chart on the 1st of May.

The news thou shocked Sashihara, leading to her posting on G+ the following response,

Translated by her english page,

When I first heard the story from the manager , I thought it was a lie . ” Is that possible?” was the only thing I thought . I couldn’t move 、I don’t know what to do 、I didn’t not know how to explain it to the fans . But when the person in charge from Avex told the story , I noticed that nobody is bad and we couldn’t do anything about it . We did not do this purposely and we also trust the company. If filled with single 12,000 difference , I will make an excuse . It is better not to open more ! !For those who bought and tried to contribute , I am very sorry . I will write again .


However to worried fans, there is not need to worry as she later posted,

Translated by Sasshi’s English G+page,

When I really think a lot , I didn’t notice that my first album was released .

And now she will once again be challenging herself, with a task of posting 300 G+ post in 24 hours starting from 1800 JST.

So to her, congratulations for the “album-release” and ganbatte! on the task ahead!

Source: Melos no Michi | AKB48 Fanpage | Google+


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