*This is not a review, just my tots on the SIII*
It looks really good and the features aren’t that bad~ hmm~ too bad the one thing they didn’t brag about is the batt life even thou it has a 2100mah batt…

It comes in 2 colours, marble white and pebble blue. In my opinion, the marble white looks just like any other white colour… while the blue is blue? Perhaps it might really have a few grains of nature in it…

The other item that strikes me is how the hands free function works, Hi buddy… Imagine you’re on a train and someone just shout that out~ I wonder how many phones will start listening for commands.

The number of prank calls will rise, i believe, still it might be a nice feature to have, I’m guessing.

You can also take a picture just using a the voice command.

Then there is the sleep function, I’m sure the people over at google will be damn happy that their face recognition API used for unlocking in the galaxy nexus is finally going to be well utilized.

However given that people gets freak out so easily nowsadays, everyone will have some privacy concern, esp in some western countries.

I can see the headlines~

“It’s looking at you” or “it sees” or “Watching you it is” type of things.

Material wise, disappointingly, Samsung being Samsung chose to use plastic again. From the people who touched it, some say it feels light. But is it flimsy or solid like the new phones recently. I don’t know.

For now thou, I think the price of the phone will not exceed SGD900 since the similarly spec’ed but extremely well built HTC ONEx cost only SGD898 without contract. hmm…

It’s expected to be released 29 May worldwide. Not too long a wait then~ Android is fun!

SIII official site: http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxys3/index.html

Additional video report by Android central, the pros for android related stuff.

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