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Updated: Mirai Music, the physical album, can be found on CDJapan!

Vividblaze’s first album was released on the 11th Of April, it contains their work from the 2009 till now. Including the first song(Tight Rope) I heard from the amazing duo in a timelapse video by mockmoon.

I generally like the album with it’s rather easy going tunes and the upbeat, catchy tunes but majority of this album might not suit those listening to keep awake. Of all the songs I especially liked Tight Rope, Mirai Mechanism, Mirai Cafe, Ivory and Pizziciato Mind.

Vividblaze is a duo consisting of Miho Tezuka on vocals and Yasunari Okano, keyboard. Their style have always been something of a mix between electro-pop and jazz, thus giving them a rather unique sound.

They have provided the sound track for the many of Danny Choo’s productions including writing and producing Sukira, Culture Japan season 2 opening, a track not sang by vocalist Miho but by Mirai Suenaga(Danny’s “daughter”).

In fact in one of the songs, Danny Choo even “sang” a bit of Mirai Mechanism during the chorus part.

Vividblaze have also performed overseas like at AFA11 during Danny Choo’s segment, wowing the audiences with their wonderful live. Recently,they went touring around Japan performing their song at many occasions like Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Night and appearing on Radio.

One of my favorites~ Tight Rope

Mirai Music may not be easily found physically on shelf of the your local shops, it might not even be found on online services like CDJapan it’s on sale at CDJapan! but and you can also buy the digital version from Hearjapan.com, where I got mine.

Or you can sample a bit of it on Last.fm.

If you really liked them, do support them by buying the Mirai Music either physically or the digital version. You can also visit their website to know more about them.

Website: http://www.vividblaze.com/

Hey! I’m also on last.fm, you can find my profile using this link~

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