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I went to HMV at 313 shopping center, in Singapore, on Labour Day to do some shopping. In the process, i got this~

Watanabe Mayu’s Shinkuro Tokimeki, her debuting solo single. It’s the regular edition but I managed to also got it first press. First press statues usually means that there is something special within, like the photocard you see above.

♡∠Ї¥∃☆ Watanabe Mayu (渡辺麻友… by wonderful-life1989

The songs within, isn’t that bad either, the standard happy cheery music you would use at a birthday party. I was looking forward to SABA NO KANZUME, the Enka song for a change… but it’s not in this version… too bad…

Eitherway, it cost SG$24.90 at HMV or you can get it(as well as the other versions) at CDJAPAN starting from 1143YEN.

*DAMMIT I hate SONY for it’s spastic enforcement of their music… … Can’t event find a PV of the song on youtube…*

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