With the crippled jokes getting old, let’s finish this.

A quick recap:

This thing showed up out of nowhere in 4chan on 4th January 2007, influencing users to generate tons of ideas, from love stories to bad ends… and effectively uniting them to produce an actual (free) game that we hold in our hands today.
The original omake was created by RAITA of Zettai Shoujo in Comiket 61, back in December 2000. No one knew who colored it though.
Four Leaf Studios was formed by amateurs of varying nationalities and backgrounds, and it took them 5 years of painstaking efforts to bring about (some may call it “tear-jerking”) one of the most mature (in the right way) stories in the sub-culture.

The protagonist, Hisao, suffers from arrhythmia which triggered a heart attack during a snowy winter when his crush confessed to him. Well, it sent him to the hospital where he spent months for the sake of being ‘observed’.As the story goes, his rethinking and personality change would depend on the player.
Cue it.
Katawa Shoujo Char 1Katawa Shoujo Char 2

Katawa Shoujo Char 3

On a side note, Misha's infamous laughter is prominent in my class...

Hard to think of them being at least 18.
To make things easier, I would not disclose any thoughts about the characters for I disabled the adult content.
Just kidding, read on.

First and last impressions are that Emi is a very fun girl. Being an optimistic athlete, she strives to become the best runner… without legs.
Her route portrays typical teenage love relationships, and I’m rather surprised by the number of *censored* FLS has made for her route. Sure made this a tolerably realistic potrayal…Of course, it is without dere-dere moments, plights and seriousness.

Hanako’s route presents probably the best psychological story in this game. Hanako is scarred, both physically and mentally, which brought her to extreme self-consiousness.
FLS made the narration captivating and immerses the player into the story. ’nuff said. However, the eventual relationship between Hanako and Hisao subsequently form under equal terms, rather than the very much predictable protective character than one would lazily depict.

Unfortunately, my say is that Lily’s route feels like a regular love story. The good points about her story are it is easily adaptable, and (almost!) free of friction and conflicts. Here’s a backup if this is too short.

One word to describe: Complex. I had to quote someone else:

I haven’t commented much on Rin’s path.
Mostly because…
I don’t know what to make of it.
I actually like Rin… But at the same time, I understand…
The part of me that is an artist, feels it…
That disorder, those thoughts that cannot be conveyed through words, and sometimes not even pictures.
It’s hard.
Very hard.
I also remember how the pressure breaks that… How it transforms you. How responsibilities and emotional turmoil can drive you into extremes.
It reminds me of the times I tried to jump into traffic, or the times I have, repeatedly and literally, hit my head against the wall because I cannot take the pressure building inside me.
Weird, hard to explain emotions.
And it’s even harder to find someone who can understand them, even if it’s just a little.
You drive the people around you crazy, because they don’t get why are you angry, or sad, or acting just plain weird.
The anger, confusion, and sometimes disdain of your loved ones, all because your mind is actually working in another place, a place very different from what they call Reality.
It’s tough.
You seek to be understood, to not stand alone all the time…
You cannot.
There’s a wall… Between you and the rest of the world. A wall that is made of impossibilities, of contradictions, of disorganized ideas, of pure raw creation, that makes you live at least a part of your life in a place where things don’t actually exist.
Nothing can bring that wall down.
Absolutely nothing.
Because it’s what makes you tick, what makes you work.
and the closer they try to get to you, the more it will hurt them
because its a wall
that is made of broken things
of you


I had fun imagining Hisao trying to “talk” to Shizune while Misha was grinning beside them.
Shizune, being the student council president, some may call her cocky, while others call her tsundere, well, later in the story one might feel like Keima. While Misha is being hyper and all, there is no harem involved as the story is supposed to be focused on Shizune herself. Story’s as straightforward as her.

Final thoughts:

This game can be easily compared with any of Key’s visual novels
(eg. Air, Rewrite, Clannad, Kanon)
Although made by a bunch of amateurs, Katawa Shoujo is a very psychological visual novel, which screws with our misleading image of everyday life. It even became a subject of study in Panola College by Professor Don Martinez due to its “redemptive” ability. Impressive, and overwhelming indeed.
Disability aside, Katawa Shoujo is more about dealing with personal problems, making it even more compelling and appealing as a whole. (Even the disabled wish to be able to live independently too!)
…but the M18 made it unappealing to some.

Now, since you have read your way to here…

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not (Mac ver.), but the presplash never showed up…
FLS was kind enough to set up a shimmie, but NSFW:
…While the full version remain untranslated…:
…And FINALLY the entire walkthrough to the game! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Right-click “save as” to download (2MB)
Cypher (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧。*・゜゜・✧。・゜゜・。*。・゜*✧
…signing off.


“神様 ありがとう
しあわせなの ”
“Dear God, thank you
Even if it’s just destiny pulling a prank on me
I’m so glad of the fact that
We both had met”
–Renai Circulation

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